Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Usually, I would post about more technical topics, but this one is annoying me. I am an avid Goto Meeting User and typically record many my meetings for knowledge transfer and skills sharing with my clients and colleagues. What happens is every 3 months or so my C: fills up with Goto Meeting temp files.

Where they are located is here: c:\users\<Profile>\Documents\Original

Inside we have all the Goto Meeting temp recording files.

If these recordings have been completed these are just dead files left behind that never get cleaned up.

Here is the single line of PowerShell to clean it up.


You could schedule this as a task via task scheduler and automate this process.

Now we’re are not done yet.

In the Appdata\GotoMeeting folder, another 1GB of files live for the old installers. Why not keep those around forever as well.

A little bit more PowerShell to solve our problem à Delete all files in this folder older than 45 days

Where {$_.CreationTime -lt (get-date).adddays(-45)} |

So now that Gotomeeting junk is gone

Here is the link to Dave’s Github Repo with the source PowerShell for you: https://github.com/dkawula/Operations/tree/master/Stuff

Hope you find this useful