Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today I’m going to show you how we can restore a Hyper-V Host that was protected using Veeam Agent for Windows. For our solution, we have already created the recovery media on a 128GB USB stick and placed the 17 GB OS.VBK on this media. It is a self-contained restore this way with no requirements to go over the network. This particular issue happened when the onboard RAID 1 array broke and we lost the Host OS on the Server itself.

Reboot the Server

Boot from the Veeam Recovery Media USB Stick

Click on Bare Meta Recovery

On the Volume Level Restore Backup Location, we can select the path for the backup. In our case, we had a local copy that was viable, so we used it.

More realistically, this could be stored on a network share.

Now we are testing a solution where we would store the OS level Backup of the Hyper-V Host on a USB Stick and have one emergency stick per Host.

On the Volume Level Restore Select the Restore Point and click Next

On the Volume, Level Restore Entire Computer and click Next

On the Volume Level Restore Summary page click Restore

Note: The total restore time for this VM was less than 5 minutes in this configuration.

On the Volume Level Restore Click Finish.

On the pop-up dialog click ok and reboot the server.

After the Server rebooted, we were able to get into the server, and our Drives were back as expected.

Yay Success.

I hope this helps you out.