Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today, I was called in to troubleshoot a weird error for some Veeam Replica Jobs that were failing. In the console, the error message was displayed as – Failed to process replication task Error: boost::filesystem::create_directory: The system cannot find the path specified: “E:\” Agent failed to process method {FileSystem.DirectoryCreate}.

This error was not very helpful for me, so I decided to check the veeam logs directly on the Veeam Backup and Replication Server. I went to c:\programdata\Veeam\Backup

Found the Replica Job and opened the logfile job.<JobName>

Once inside the logfile, I searched for the word error. Failed to get disk free space (System.Exception)

I had seen this error message before when the Veeam Backup Repository Volume was offline. The reason the replica job was likely failing is that it can’t read the metadata due to the offline volume.

Our next step is to check the server itself in the Veeam Backup Infrastructure\Backup Repositories and see what it shows.

You can see when I tried to click populate I can replicate the error message from the failing Veeam Job.

Next, I logged onto the Backup Repository to see what was going on.

When I opened Windows Explorer, I could see that the drive was missing.

From Disk Management, the drive wasn’t offline; it was missing altogether.

I checked the ISCSI Initiator and saw that it was in a reconnecting state.

That would be our problem. The issue now is that this backup target is in production, and I don’t have access to the ISCSI infrastructure to fix it. So I’m cutting a ticket with the support team to look at it. In the mean time I want to get my Veeam Replica Jobs working.

When I opened the Replica Job, I checked job settings, and it is in a failed state for the Repository for replica metadata.

I temporarily will change this to the default repository created by veeam on the Veeam Backup and Replication Console Server.

After this change, I re-ran the Replication Job with success.

I hope this helps you out.