Veeam Availability Orchestrator (#VAO)

In the morning we listened to Michael White present on VAO and how it empowers businesses to maintain business continuity or at least speeds it up. If you’ve heard of VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Product, well you’ve got a great handle on how it works.

During the presentation we also heard about some points to think about while creating or updating your DR plan.

  • Replicate domain controllers, don’t back them up
  • Replicate your DNS
  • Keep paper copies
  • Create your cold restore list in order to get your business up and running again
  • What events can trigger a DR scenario
  • Is it a full or partial DR
  • Trigger Time – How long does it take to do a restoration
  • Where do your ISP network cables run

Major Takeaway – In any DR plan, you need to Practice DR often, continuously improve.

VAO is a new tool for your business continuity. You may have your scripts, products such as SRM, Hyper-V Replica, but Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO).

For more information, check out VAO –



Veeam Availability Console (VAC)

Clint Wyckoff presented VAC. It is essentially the next evolution of the Veeam Managed Backup Portal, introducing Veeam Availability Console. It leverages existing Cloud Connect infrastructure. Lightweight web portal. It can be all installed on one machine or scaled out. It will become that single pane of glass where you can manage all your tenants. VAC will go out and configure any changes within the Veeam infrastructure for you. This is great for managed service providers, or even enterprises who want to delegate some control to departments.

The great thing about VAC, it is free! The requirements are VSCP, sign up for free. Or be an enterprise (200+ agents).

Hop over to to learn more about VAC.


Veeam User Groups

Rick Vanover took the stage. He’s wanting to enhance how Veeam User Groups are going to run. He polled the room of media and #Vanguards. Everyone was able to weigh in and give their feedback. We talked about

  • How to advertise
  • How to register
  • The level of content
  • How to find sponsorships (Leave the $$$ slides at home). Technical!
  • Potential swag
  • Frequency of meeting


NDA Session

Well by the time you read this, most of the information I learned will have been released. Inside the NDA session we were to hear about some of the roadmaps of the products and grill the product managers with Q&A. How do you get access to these NDA sessions. You become a Veeam employee or a Veeam Vanguard.


I can’t wait until day 2!