If you haven’t gotten your tickets and cannot be a part of #VeeamON this year, all is not lost! We here at http://Checkyourlogs.net will have you covered. If you’ve been following us or go look back at the #MVPHour posts, you’ll see that we have arrived here early. We are continuing to blog, tweet (@AllanRafuse) and are currently setting up our Live Stream system!

Why have we arrived early? Well during the day time we’ve been having our impromptu meetings and yes I will not lie, we’ve been out enjoying the southern cuisine and a few tours here in New Orleans. We really had to come down early. While all the attendees are here attending #VeeamON, in the evenings, we’ll be locked in our hotel room and tweaking the slides and some of our presentations. This is because we want to bring you the most relevant and up to date content we can! We do this by listening, talking and by reading your feedback comments.

Best of the Best

This is not our first rodeo, the presenters and sessions are being presented are by industry experts in their fields. These presenters are not self-proclaimed by any means. They have many years and deep experience across different technologies. Not only this, they have also been recognized by individual companies and have been awarded industry recognized titles such as #VeeamVanguard and Microsoft MVP. Some have one or more of these!

Lab Warz

Everyone has done a hands on lab (HOL) before. That’s great for learning a technology. But we want you to learn and enhance your knowledge! Veeam has created Lab Warz!

COMPETE in the hands on labs!!


If you compete, you can win! Keep brushing up and keep competing! We’re in IT to learn… and have fun! Looking for competition, just show up to Lab Warz!

Vendors Vendors Vendors!

Veeam is not only the leading backup company in the world, it has worked and created successful partnerships with other leading vendors in the world. Without partnerships and the visions to grow and support each other, companies will flounder and become lost in the giant world of IT. Come visit with the industry experts and see how they’re working with Veeam.

Learn about vendors and Veeam

  1. How they run your work loads
  2. How to they work with Veeam to protect your workloads
  3. How they can speed up your replication
  4. How they store your data
  5. Where they store your data

Come meet the premium sponsors of VeeamON