One of the most important parts of attending conferences all over the world is checking out the local scenery and nightlife. In our group from TriCon Elite we now have a total of 4 x Microsoft MVP’s and 3 x Veeam Vanguards and it is kind of cool to see a behind the scenes view of how we roll.

One of the most important things that I have learned when travelling all over the world is to always ask the locals where to go. This week we had some amazing advice to go check out the local swamp tours.

A couple of important tourist notes:

#1 there are very few Mosquitos.

We didn’t even need bug spray as there the swamp is constantly moving and there are very few breed ing grounds fro those little blood suckers

#2 bring sunscreen it is HOT HOT HOT

#3 bring your camera

#4 make sure you tip your captain as this is their way of living and they work really hard.

#5 Have fun

The local establishment that we went to was called Cajun Encounters Tours and they were quite honestly one of the best outdoor adventure tours that I have event been on.

Our Captain was Captain Dan like from the Forest Gump movie just with his legs

Their phone number is 504-834-1770 and we really suggest you book a few days in advance.

Now the cost of our tour was $30.00 USD each because we drove ourselves. If you need a ride I think they charge around 20 – 25 bucks extra per person.

Our tour started with us leaving the dock and checking out some really cool areas in the Pearl River System.

Part of our tour was feeding the local Alligators some mouth watering hot dogs. They used to feed them Marsh Mellows but these are not very good for the wildlife.

Here was a show of me taking my turn with this little guy. They are so fast and pretty big.

Here Gater Gater Gater.

Below is a nice set of shows that I thought you would really enjoy.

We really hope that you enjoy your time in New Orleans for VeeamON 2017. I know this has been a great trip for us so far.


From our team:

Dave Kawula – MVP / Veeam Vanguard @davekawula

Cristal Kawula – MVP / Veeam Vanguard @SuperCristal1

Emile Cabot – MVP @ecabot

Allan Rafuse – MVP / Veeam Vanguard @allanrafuse

Cary Sun – CCIE