Hello Microsoft Office 365 fans, today Veeam made a huge announcement regarding Office 365 email backup capabilities.

You will be able to fully protect your email in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud starting in Q4 of 2016. This was a massive hole for a lot of organizations that were migrating or had already migrated to Office 365.

Also included in this announcement was the that if you are already a Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise Plus customer you will be able to get 3 years of protection for your mailboxes for FREE. That’s right folks for free.



Great job Veeam for more news on this checkout:



There are several recorded training session up there from the Veeam All-star team


Also checkout my fellow Veeam Vanguard Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri blog post on the announcements:



Veeam Backup for Office 365: Yep, backup Office 365 Mailboxes! Mitigate the risks of loosing access to your email data and ensures availability to your users.

Enterprise Scalability Features: Scale effectively regardless of the size of your environment or the number of VMs with enhanced processing engines leading to backup and restore acceleration.

Advanced ReFS Integration: Greater performance and capacity efficiency for large scale datasets which allow for shorter backup windows, lower storage load, reduced consumption and more reliable forever forward incremental archiving.

Veeam One 9.5: Includes new chargeback function for Veeam Cloud Service Providers with the ability to charge for consumed resources that covers vSphere, vCloud Director and Hyper-V.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator: Disaster recovery orchestration for the enterprise doing this via defined recovery plans, automated DR Testing for non disruptive disaster recovery testing all while being compliant through built in documenting and and reporting.

Veeam Availability Console: A cloud enabled platform for Service Providers and enterprises enabling management of remote offices and giving partners the ability to launch new business through DRaaS and BaaS managed services.

V10 Preview: Finally a tease of a v10 feature with IBM storage integration.