Update for those of you using WSUS and SCCM.

The issue is with incorrect packages being published to the Catalog which impacted customers deploying via WSUS/SCCM.  A delta update was incorrectly published to WSUS, which resulted in both delta and full package being downloaded distributed, which results in INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.   The delta package has been removed from the Catalog.   Be sure to re-sync WSUS/ SCCM.

If you still have the issues with affected machines you can use the fixes described by Mike and Didier.




Hey Checkyourlogs fans,

First of all, I have to start off by saying my favorite part of the MVP Community is days like today. This morning I received a rather urgent email on our NDA Distribution list about issues with the latest October Cumulative Update for October 2017. This apparently is causing blue screens and one of our fellow MVP’s Didier Van Hoye @WorkingHardinIT has not only discovered this but already has a fix.

Nice work Didier à Really glad to have you as a friend and colleague today.

I’m syndicating this on my blog to get the word out there but remember full credit is with Didier.

His full article can be found here:


Quoted from his blog on it this morning.

If you had WSUS running tonight with auto approval on you might have woken up this morning to virtual machines that can boot anymore.

Great, another update gone wrong. Time to restore from backup as that can be the fasted way to restore services  when in a pickle and if you have a good solutions for that in place. For the others you can do what I did is below. Actually a couple of us MVPs were on this issue at a number of sites as our fist task this morning. But first the root cause.

Well read this link Express update delivery ISV support and you have all you need. Basically the delta and the full cumulative update of October ended up in WSUS without you explicitly putting it there. That should not happen, normally the delta is not published for it to be downloaded and heaven forbid auto approved.  You could also have auto approved everything  without knowing what and why. Not a great idea at all.

Normally you get into this pickle if you some how managed to install both of these yourself or via other tools (see the linked).

Now if you don’t have decent restore capabilities from backups or snapshots there is another way out by removing the updates.

Boot into the problematic VM and select troubleshoot

If you want the rest of the fix please be so kind as to visit his great blog. I just put this out there to get the word out faster about this issue.



*** Update Mikael Nystrom has also just posted a fixed for this on his blog and it should be read for more information as well.

The October 2017 Update – “Inaccessible Boot Device”


Thanks and happy learning.