As many organizations are working feverishly to move off legacy technology. I do believe that Windows Server 2016 and it’s core services like IIS 10 are the right choice.

Understanding the fundamental enhancements to your core Web Platform are key to this migration path.

IIS 10 introduces new support for HTTP 2.0 and provides some great enhancements over HTTP 1.1.

For example, from a performance standpoint HTTP 2.0 can multiplex sessions over a common connection. And that’s important when you think about common webpages that share common linked components (CSS, Linked Files, Graphics, etc). What HTTP 2.0 does is it leverages a single connection and pulls all the content in parallel. The result for an end user is that the pages feel like they load faster.

With HTTP 1.1 it pulls all those files down serially so you can imagine that this is a huge performance boost.

HTTP 1.1 offered data compression however headers were not compressed. Things like cookies, authorization headers that are sitting up in the header area not being compressed slowed down content delivery. With HTTP 2.0 the header is compressed.

The best part for Application Developers is that they don’t really need to reconfigure their applications to take advantage of this.

The boys from Microsoft did up a fantastic video on Channel 9 describing these features. Nice work Eric Mills and Keith Mayer.

Here is a snip from the Video:

There’s a new version of Internet Information Server IIS that comes with Windows Server 2016. In this episode we will reveal all of the great new features and performance enhancements included so that you can understand how this may affect your deployment decisions with Windows Server 2016. We will review support for HTTP2, Nano Server, containers, management, deployment on premise vs. cloud and open source options.

  • [1:42] What’s new in IIS (Internet Information Server) with Windows Server 2016?
  • [2:40] What can you tell us about the advancements made in HTTP2?
  • [7:14] Is IIS 10 compatible with Nano Server and Containers?
  • [9:18] Between Nano Server and Containers, which is the option to install IIS on?
  • [11:58] What kind of Open Source languages will run on IIS?
  • [13:00] Should IIS be deployed in an on-premises server or in the cloud on a web server?

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