What a wonderful day today! Windows server 2019 available in preview now.

As we know the Windows Server 2016 is fastest adopted version of Windows Server, it has lot of features like as Hyper-converged infrastructure, Storage Spaces Direct…etc., Windows Server 2019 is building in the strong foundation of Windows Server 2016.

What’s new in Windows Server 2019

Hybrid cloud scenarios:

hybrid approach combines on-premises and cloud environments working together. hybrid approach also allows for apps running on-premises to take advantage of innovation in the cloud such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Hybrid cloud enables a future-proof, long-term approach – which is exactly why we see it playing a central role in cloud strategies for the foreseeable future.

With Windows Server 2019 and Project Honolulu, customers will be able to easily integrate Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure File Sync, disaster recovery, and much more so they will be able to leverage these Azure services without disrupting their applications and infrastructure.


Our approach to security is three-fold – Protect, Detect and Respond. We bring security features in all three areas in Windows Server 2019.

Application Platform:

In Windows Server 2019, our goal is to reduce the Server Core base container image to a third of its current size of 5 GB. This will reduce download time of the image by 72%, further optimizing the development time and performance.

in Windows Server 2019, we are introducing significant improvements to compute, storage, and networking components of a Kubernetes cluster.

In Windows Server 2019, we are continuing on this journey to improve WSL, helping Linux users bring their scripts to Windows while using industry standards like OpenSSH, Curl & Tar.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI):

In Windows Server 2019 we are building on this platform by adding scale, performance, and reliability. We are also adding the ability to manage HCI deployments in Project Honolulu, to simplify the management and day-to-day activities on HCI environments.

You can check the follow link for more of details information.


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Cary Sun

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