Author: Dave Kawula

Critical Firmware Update Required for Intel Solid Sate DC S4510 and S4610 Drives – #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I just wanted to make you aware of a critical Firmware Update that is require for your Intel DC S4510 and S4610 Drives. In the fine print of the release notes you will see a critical note: Resolved 1.92TB and 3.84TB SKUs may become unresponsive at 1700 hrs of cumulative Idle Power On Hours. To me this is a pretty critical fix and just reminds everyone that when dealing with Storage that your Drive Firmware requires updating just like your other components. You can find more information here: You can download the Firmware Tool Here:...

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The Case of the Failed Storage (East/West) Switch fabric with #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, I wanted to write to you today chatting about what happens if you lose your East/West (Storage) Switch Fabric with Storage Spaces Direct. In my design for this customer, they had a Dedicated pair of Mellanox switches for their Storage Network and then different core switches for their North/South (VM & MGMT Networks). We had to do some emergency maintenance on our pair of Mellanox Switches that would require a reboot of both. I let the customer know that when this happens, the RDMA (RoCE) traffic would just fail over to non-RDMA (RoCE) during the outage....

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Checking out Windows Admin Center 1903 – DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory Previews #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Tonight, I wanted to checkout some of the brand new previews that are now available inside of Windows Admin Center Insiders Build 1903. I have been waiting for a long time for the ability to manage DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory so let’s see how this goes. Step 1 – You need to Install the new Preview Extensions after you upgrade or install Windows Admin Center 1903. Here is the install in progress. After I installed the extensions, Windows Admin Center reloaded the main page. First up is the Active Directory Extension. It is really responsive....

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The Case of the Partitioned Network in Failover Cluster Manager when Updating Windows Server 2016 #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Tonight @SifuSun (Cary Sun) and I were doing some routine maintenance of a 2-node Storage Spaces Direct Cluster that was having issues with checkpoints locking up during Veeam Backups. We went through the normal process putting the nodes into maintenance mode, patching, and waiting for storage jobs to complete before moving on to the next node. We found an interesting scenario where after the first node was complete and we patched our second node look at what happened to our cluster. The above screenshot was what we first noticed with the Cluster IP going offline. Even...

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Performance Tuning Deduplication on Windows Server 2019 ReFS and #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, In the previous post, we talked about the essential operator’s report for Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2019. Today, I want to talk to you about the performance penalty that is required to run Deduplication on Windows Server 2019. Nothing in life is free, and this is certainly the case for Deduplication. Don’t get me wrong I love this feature and think that it is one of the best in Windows Server 2019; however, you must have an understanding of what it is that you are configuring. The first thing that you need to understand...

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