Author: John O'Neill Sr.

The Case of low Disk Space on Windows Server R2 File Servers – Enable Dedup – #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, we have a quick post just reminding you that if you have Windows Server 2012 R2 File Servers are not able to migrate them to Server 2019 yet. You can still fix issues like lack of disk space with good old deduplication. Deduplication has worked for us like a charm on NTFS volumes, especially file servers for 7+ years now. We run it in production, and it makes a big difference. This week we faced an issue with a customer that was looking to convert virtual machines using ISCSI and Passthrough disks with Veeam.

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The Case of Troubleshooting and poor VM Performance via Windows Admin Center – #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, I wanted to write a very quick post showing how you can use Windows Admin Center to quickly diagnose issues with poorly performing Virtual Machines on a Storage Spaces Direct Cluster. We had a call come in from a customer today that their SQL Server in production was running a bit sluggish on our all flash (NVME) S2D Cluster. Step 1 – Open Windows Admin Center and browse the Virtual Machine Summary Tab. What I noticed right away is that my CPU looks fine only 16 % utilized and none of my VM’s appear to...

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Ping Sweep Using PowerShell – Turning Into A Function – #PowerShell #MVPHour #PingSweep

Hey there fans! In my last post, I described a quick bit of PowerShell code for pinging an IP range. Paste this code into VSCode or the ISE, run, and watch the results. Quick and dirty. Once I had this working, I wanted more. For instance, I want to run the code from a PowerShell command-line, passing parameters to change how it performs. To reach this end, I need to transform the code into a function complete with parameters. Don’t let the word function freak you out. Basic PowerShell functions don’t require 20 years of programming experience to...

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Ping Sweep Using PowerShell -Quick and Dirty – #PowerShell #MVPHour

Hey there fans! Today I needed to ping sweep an entire subnet from a Windows Server 2012 box. Simple, right? There are plenty of free and paid tools out there ready to perform this task. My dilemma was, and is, I don’t want to install additional software, no matter how small and tight, on servers. Especially anything requiring additional licensing or support software such as, GASP, JAVA. Nope, nada, not on my watch. Keep server configurations clean and concise is my motto. What to do? My need still existed, and oh, by the way was fairly urgent. PowerShell...

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