Month: June 2015

PatchSolution is now available via CodePlex

I am so pleased to announce that thanks to the amazing work of Allan Rafuse we have released “PatchSolution” We have decided to make to this available for how much… Guess it…. $$$$ … Free!! Why you ask? Well it’s because we love the community and feel that this type of solution should be available to everyone. This is the same solution that I recently demoed in my session during the MVP Virtual Conference.     Here is a little write up on just what the solution can do for you!   Project Description Patching is a problem or that topic that most people don’t want to talk about. There are many great solutions to managing patches, but the problem is defining when computers can actually install these approved patches. This is where the Patch Solution comes in. Overview The idea behind the patch solution is to apply approved patches to a computer at a specific time. Some computers may be part of a QA/Test environment and some may be part of a Production environment. Using the same solution and by modifying the XML configuration file, the solution can tell each type of computer when it’s allowed to patch. As these scripts use free tools, and in order to help companies and individuals environments keep their environments more secure, this solution is also free. Features Uses free tools Automated...

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Building Tiered Jobs with Veeam using PowerShell

As part of a new White Paper that I am putting together for Veeam I have written a cool PowerShell Script to help build tiered jobs using Veeam Backup and Replication. The purpose of this script was to help automate three tiers of jobs: Platinum Gold Silver   The job settings are built using template jobs that can quickly be created in the Veeam Backup and Replication Console.   Here is a sneak peek of the script in action.         When I started this project I was only going to build tiered Backup Jobs. As such the script has evolved into much more.   It can now do the following:   Job Creation based on VM Name Platinum-<VMNAME> Gold-<VMNAME> Silver-<VMNAME> Three tier Backup Jobs Three tier Replica Jobs Three tier Backup Copy Jobs Virtual Lab Creation Sure Backup Job Creation Master Delete options to wipe and start over in your lab   Here are some examples of how to use the script: .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumJobs –GoldJobs –SilverJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumBackupCopyJobs –GoldBackupCopyJobs –SilverBackupCopyJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumSureBackupJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumReplicaJobs –GoldReplicaJobs –SilverReplicaJobs   Below gives you an idea as to the amount of work that has gone into creating this. Over 1200 lines of custom code.     Here is the best part as I love to give back to the community. Feel free to check out the script below.  ...

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Take Your Microsoft Certification Exams from Home – Now in Canada

  Yes it is official everyone!! I received an email from Microsoft Certification earlier today. In Canada from your Home!   You can now write Microsoft Certification Exams from the comfort of your own home or office! This is amazing news way to go Microsoft!   Below is the email that I received from them today!   Online proctored exam delivery (beta) is now available in your country: take your next Microsoft Certification exam online, nearly anywhere! Introducing a convenient way to take Microsoft Certification exams at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. Online Proctoring, offered by Pearson VUE, lets you choose the time and place to take any Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exam. Using a webcam and your personal computer, you can take your exams at home, work or just about anywhere you have internet access. How it Works Ensure your environment and system meet the requirements for online proctored delivery. You can take online proctored exams at home, at work, or at any other location that meets security and environment requirements. Review the hardware, software, and protocol requirements located here. If you ensure that these requirements are met before you check in for your exam, the check-in process should only take about ten minutes. Register for an online proctored exam. Choose an MCP or MTA exam (click here for...

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Microsoft to Open Azure Data Center in Canada in 2016

This is huge news everyone!! Microsoft will open it’s first Canadian Data Centers in Toronto and Quebec city in 2016. Here is a little snippet from their press release: Press Release From Microsoft: MICROSOFT CLOUD TO TOUCH DOWN IN CANADA Locally deployed Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online will help power Canadian business Toronto, June 2, 2015 – Microsoft today announced plans to deliver commercial cloud services from Canada. Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online will be delivered from Toronto and Quebec City in 2016, further strengthening Microsoft’s footprint in Canada’s competitive cloud landscape. “Soon, the Microsoft Cloud will be truly Canadian,” said Kevin Turner, Worldwide Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft, who travelled to Toronto to make the announcement. “This substantial investment in a Canadian cloud demonstrates how committed we are to bringing even more opportunity to Canadian businesses and government organizations, helping them fully realize the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud,” said Turner. According to IDC, total public cloud spend in Canada is projected to grow to $2.5B by next year. The fastest growth will be from Public cloud infrastructure with a strong 45 per cent increase by 2016. These new locally deployed services will address data residency considerations for Microsoft customers and partners of all shapes and sizes who are embracing cloud computing to transform their businesses, better manage variable workloads and deliver new...

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