MVPDays 2015 Edmonton – Agenda

I am so pleased to present below our Agenda for the MVPDays 2015 Western Canada Roadshow. We have such an amazing lineup of guest speakers, sponsors, and event team this year. It will surely be the best event that we have ever put on. If you have not yet registered go to Edmonton...

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MVPDays 2015 Calgary – Agenda

I am so pleased to present below our Agenda for the MVPDays 2015 Western Canada Roadshow. We have such an amazing lineup of guest speakers, sponsors, and event team this year. It will surely be the best event that we have ever put on. If you have not yet registered go to Calgary...

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MVPDays 2015 Vancouver– Agenda

I am so pleased to present below our Agenda for the MVPDays 2015 Western Canada Roadshow. We have such an amazing lineup of guest speakers, sponsors, and event team this year. It will surely be the best event that we have ever put on. If you have not yet registered go to   Vancouver...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 6 – MVPDays 2015 Countdown Show 2

When we record these videos, Dave has it in his head that we must NOT edit! We do try to do these in one take. There are some exceptions however, and almost all of them include Dave being a goof when we start causing us to start over. You can apparently seem some of these “special” moments at the end of episode 6. There is a lot more than a few bloopers that makes this 2nd countdown show worth watching. We announce a special speaker for Vancouver, and run down some of our MVPs that will be presenting, and the sponsors that make this all possible. And of course, leave it to Dave to make announcements that are not supposed to be released yet. But as I say, one take! So once it is out there, it is out there. No edits.   This was our 6th Episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show. You can check out all of the sessions at We are really committed to putting together some amazing content and value you feedback.  ...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 5 – MVPDays 2015 Countdown Show 1

MVPDays 2015 is fast approaching.  I am very excited to bring you our first MVPDays Countdown show.  Our first year was a lot of unknowns.  This year, I am happy to be able to share a bit of the process that goes into creating a roadshow like MVPDays.  We go over the basics, who, what, where, when and why you should attend (no it’s not just for the food and prizes, though those are worth getting out of bed for).   We announce some of the session that you can look forward to, and how to keep up to date...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 4 – Advanced Windows Deployments

In Episode 4, we get to see one of my favorite Newfies present with Dave on Advanced Windows Deployments.   Though at MVPDays 2014 Emile was a non-MVP guest speaker, I am proud to say that this year he will be presenting as an MVP on System Centre Cloud and Datacentre.  I am very proud to work with Emile, and super Happy that Microsoft recognized the great work he has been doing and awarded him this honour.  Please enjoy this session, and I look forward to bringing you more from Dave and Emile from this year’s MVPDays.   This was...

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Interview With an MVP – Episode 3 – Designing Hyper-V the Right Way

  Hey Viewers!  I’m back with another episode of Interview With An MVP.  In this episode, Dave is bringing you another session from MVPDays 2014.  He was joined by fellow MVP, Marcos Noguiera, in presenting Designing Hyper-V The Right Way.  I was lucky enough to assist Dave with this session when he presented it at VEEAMON 2014 with Mike Reiseller.  We added a nice element of risk being that we presented in Vegas.  Dave had to build his Hyper-V environment in 13 minutes or less… and if he failed, he would give away $500 cash.  So… We tried a...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 2 – Windows 2003 EOL

In this Episode we discuss how to get rid of those pesky Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers once and for all.  Dave was lucky enough to be joined by Rick Byrne @RickRByrne in this presentation.  The video for this was shot at MVPDays 2014 in Vancouver in front of a sold out house.   MVPDays 2015 is going to be bigger and better than ever.   Don’t forget to register at   This was our 2nd Episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show. You can check out all of the sessions at We are really committed to...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 1 – Hyper-V Security

It’s official people we have our very own Channel 9 show. In this first Episode I was able to catch my co-host Dave Kawula Hyper-V MVP and discuss some of the critical elements of Hyper-V Security. He goes into great detail discussing some of the common pitfalls organizations face with securing their Virtual Environments.   This was our 1st episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show. You can check out all of the sessions at We are really committed to putting together some amazing content and value you feedback.    ...

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Canadian MVP’s and Microsoft provide aid to Evacuee’s

I am so proud that we were able to provide some much needed assistance to the Northern Lights School District #113 in La Ronge during their time of need. On July 3, 2015 a notice was given to have the entire township of LA Ronge evacuated. Unfortunately part of the DR Plan that the School Board has was to have a DR Site in the same geography. With no physical access to any critical systems and only remote access and limited power. It was deemed that some emergency measures were required. In fact over 1000 members of Canada’s finest from the Armed forces are on front lines fighting this blaze. Not to mention the countless volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel from around Canada.   At 10:00 PM on July 3, 2015 a decision was made to migrate all critical information to the cloud as the entire town was at risk. Being a strong partner with Microsoft we decided to use Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, Microsoft’s Azure Backup Services, Crash Plan and Dropbox as a place to quickly dump important data. In order to expedite the process a trial account was setup for Microsoft Azure on a 30 day trial, along with the other providers. Then we quickly setup an Azure Site to Site VPN (in less than 1.5 hours to their core ASA 550 firewalls). Once done we proceeded...

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Speaking at TechMentor 2015 in Redmond

I will be speaking at the TechMentor conference August 3-7, 2015. This will be an exciting chance to meet some of the smartest and coolest geeks in the industry. My session with be T08 – From Zero to Hero in 75 Minutes: Deploying a HyperConverged Architecture for the Modern Data Center. I was invited by Kelly Murphy – CTO from Gridstore to co-present this exciting topic: Kelly Murphy, Founder and CTO for Gridstore™, the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center will demonstrate how you can “Go from Zero to Hero in 75...

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Critical Patch for Hyper-V Servers – MS15-068

On July 14, 2015 Microsoft released a Critical Hotfix for Hyper-V Servers. The details are a bit vague right now, but it seems that if a Guest has elevated rights with the right tools they can gain access to the Host’s Parent Partition. For obvious reasons this isn’t good and as such all Hyper-V Farms should be patched immediately. It appears that there are two issues: #1 – Hyper-V Buffer Overflow Vulnerability –CVE-2015-2361 A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Windows Hyper-V in a host context if an authenticated and privileged user on a guest virtual machine hosted by Hyper-V runs a specially crafted application. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must have valid logon credentials for a guest virtual machine. Systems where Windows Hyper-V is installed are primarily at risk. The security update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how Hyper-V handles packet size memory initialization in guest virtual machines. Microsoft received information about this vulnerability through coordinated vulnerability disclosure. When this security bulletin was originally issued Microsoft had not received any information to indicate that this vulnerability had been publicly used to attack customers.   #2 – Hyper-V System Data Structure Vulnerability – CVE-2015-2362 A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Windows Hyper-V in a host context if an authenticated and privileged user on a guest virtual machine hosted by Hyper-V runs a specially crafted application. To exploit...

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Gridstore + Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track

It was announced today in a press release by Gridstore that they have been approved into the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Program. This is a major step forward by the industry towards accepting HyperConverged Technologies. Below is a sample illustration of a 6-node HyperCoverged Appliance from Gridstore. This configuration can come with over 100 TB of usable SSD Flash Disk. It is amazing to see how far things have come. D. See below for the Press Release from today: MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — (Marketwired) — 07/14/15 — Gridstore®, a leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center today announced certification of the Gridstore HyperConverged Systems in the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program. This program ensures that the Gridstore systems meet all of the specifications for delivering a Windows and Hyper-V based private cloud solution for the data center. Gridstore has also announced immediate availability of two higher density flash options that pack 96 2.9GHz cores of compute and 92TB of SSD storage into a 2U package. Gridstore now provides a range of All-Flash HyperConverged solutions to meet both Tier 1 and Tier 2 computing needs — while using the economics of hyper convergence to make the All-Flash datacenter a reality. The Gridstore HCI is one of the only HyperConverged solutions delivered solely for the Windows platform, allowing it to take full advantage of...

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Cannot find useable certificate in Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

I was doing some work on my home network this weekend, and in the process joined my Hyper-V hosts to a new domain. My demo laptop, which had about 20 VMs saved, threw an error when I attempted to start them, stating that Hyper-V could not find a useable certificate. To resolve this, I launched the Microsoft Management Console, clicked File -> Add/Remove Snap-in… and double-clicked Certificates. In the Certificates snap-in window, where it asks for the account to manage certificates for, choose the Service account radio button and click Next. Select the Local Computer radio button, click Next and select Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management as the Service account to manage, and click Finish and then OK in the Add/Remove Snap-Ins window. In the Console1 window, expand Certificates – Service (Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management) on Local Computer, then vmms\Personal, and click on the Certificates node. In the results (middle) pane, you will see a certificate(s) for your previous hostname/domain name. Delete these. Launch Services.msc, and restart any running services that start with Hyper-V. Now, back in the Microsoft Management Console, hitting F5 will refresh the screen and show your new valid certificate. You’re now free to go back to Hyper-V Manager and start your VMs.   É  ...

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System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Technical Preview 2 Released

Microsoft published Technical Preview 2 for SCCM today with a few new features. There’s support for side-loading Universal Windows Applications to Win10 devices, and the ability to manage Win10 PCs via MDM with on-premises SCCM infrastructure, using the same model that’s used for mobile devices in the first Technicial Preview. Also released is peer cache support for Windows PE during OSD…something you’ll be seeing more of on this blog as we get closer to the official release.   The iso is available on the Microsoft Download Center at Microsoft Download Center: É...

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How All-Flash Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is changing the Data Center – June 16, 2015 Calgary, AB

    Registration:   Abstract: Hyper-Converged infrastructure is transforming the economics, performance and complexity of the datacentre. Gridstore introduced the first all-flash hyper-Converged infrastructure purpose built for the Microsoft cloud.  Customers are achieving performance levels that are 10X faster using 75% less infrastructure and 4X lower TCO. Gridstore founder and CTO Kelly Murphy will provide an overview of hyper-Converged infrastructure and how it can transform the datacentre from traditional infrastructure. Kelly will also outline the pros and cons of different approaches to hyper-Convergence. Subject to availability, Dave Kawula, Microsoft MVP and founder of TriCon Elite, will provide a demo of what it takes to deploy and manage Gridstore’s all-flash hyper-Converged infrastructure. Don’t miss this event!  Event Details: Date:                     Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 Welcome Time:     6:00 pm (Registration and Networking) Start Time:            6:30 pm Finish Time:          8:30 pm Venue:                  Tillyard Management Conference Room                              (Adjacent to Alberta Blue Cross office)                               715 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 2X6 Cost:                      Guests and Future CIC Members – $25.00                               New/Renewing CIC Members      – $65.00                               New/Renewing Student Members – $25.00                               Current CIC Members                 – FREE Payment:               VISA/MasterCard via EventBrite (+fees)                               Contact us for payment via:                               1.  Cash (at the door)                               2.  Cheque (at the door)                               3.  Interac e-Transfer (prior to event)                               4.  Invoice your employer (prior to event)   Note: New memberships are valid through December 31 2015. Guest fees will be credited to guests joining CIC within 30 days. ...

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MVPDays Facebook Fan Site

If you are looking to follow our announcements for the MVPDays Community including. Sessions, photos, recordings, speaker announcements, and much more. Go to Also don’t forget to register for this year’s show at You can use promocode: earlybird15 to get in for free until the end of June   Enjoy,   D....

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Introduction to Hyper-V Management for the VMware Admin

Join 5Nine Software for a free webinar on June 18!   Featuring Symon Perriman and Alex Karavanov from 5Nine Software. Hyper-V can be overwhelming for new users or VMware administrators managing Microsoft virtualization for the first time. In this technical webinar, you will learn about the key differences in virtualization management between vCenter and Hyper-V from Symon Perriman, former Microsoft virtualization worldwide technical lead and VMware Certified Professional. Gets tips about how to migrate VMware VMs to Hyper-V with the free 5nine V2V Easy Converter, then see how to manage the Hyper-V VMs, networks, storage, hosts and clusters with 5nine Manager, which looks and feels like vCenter. Finally you will learn best practices about how to secure your new virtualized environment with 5nine Cloud Security, the only agentless alternative to vShield. Ask your tough questions and see how 5nine Software has taken the best of VMware and applied it to Hyper-V! This webcast is running at two different times for your convenience:   June 18, 2015, 10 am GMT Register Now   June 18, 2015, 8 am PDT Register Now...

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Overview of Patch Solution

When I decided to write PatchSolution it was to solve some very specific issues with a customer that I was working with. I am really pleased to now be able to start documenting this and sharing with the community. When looking at PatchSolution below is the Architecture that we used when building it Remember PatchSolution is free and can be downloaded from Components Automatic Updates WSUS Patch Solution Scripts Scheduled Task Group Policy Configuring Computer Maintenance Windows Automatic Updates Most organizations will have an installation of WSUS. This minimizes the amount of updates that needs to be downloaded from the internet and distributed to servers or workstations. In turn, these devices have been configured to use WSUS. By default, download and install the patches at 03:00. This is so far away from a optimal solution for any company, regardless of size. There are many ways to configure automatic updates to download and install or notify the users or administrators to install patches. The Patch Solution aims at simplifying and centralizing the process. The Patch Solution is basically a wrapper that calls into the Windows Update API and forces it to do a update scan. Now again, as this uses the general Windows Updates API, if the computer is target to use the Microsoft Updates servers on the internet, then it will do just that. Of course after the...

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PatchSolution is now available via CodePlex

I am so pleased to announce that thanks to the amazing work of Allan Rafuse we have released “PatchSolution” We have decided to make to this available for how much… Guess it…. $$$$ … Free!! Why you ask? Well it’s because we love the community and feel that this type of solution should be available to everyone. This is the same solution that I recently demoed in my session during the MVP Virtual Conference.     Here is a little write up on just what the solution can do for you!   Project Description Patching is a problem or that topic that most people don’t want to talk about. There are many great solutions to managing patches, but the problem is defining when computers can actually install these approved patches. This is where the Patch Solution comes in. Overview The idea behind the patch solution is to apply approved patches to a computer at a specific time. Some computers may be part of a QA/Test environment and some may be part of a Production environment. Using the same solution and by modifying the XML configuration file, the solution can tell each type of computer when it’s allowed to patch. As these scripts use free tools, and in order to help companies and individuals environments keep their environments more secure, this solution is also free. Features Uses free tools Automated...

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Building Tiered Jobs with Veeam using PowerShell

As part of a new White Paper that I am putting together for Veeam I have written a cool PowerShell Script to help build tiered jobs using Veeam Backup and Replication. The purpose of this script was to help automate three tiers of jobs: Platinum Gold Silver   The job settings are built using template jobs that can quickly be created in the Veeam Backup and Replication Console.   Here is a sneak peek of the script in action.         When I started this project I was only going to build tiered Backup Jobs. As such the script has evolved into much more.   It can now do the following:   Job Creation based on VM Name Platinum-<VMNAME> Gold-<VMNAME> Silver-<VMNAME> Three tier Backup Jobs Three tier Replica Jobs Three tier Backup Copy Jobs Virtual Lab Creation Sure Backup Job Creation Master Delete options to wipe and start over in your lab   Here are some examples of how to use the script: .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumJobs –GoldJobs –SilverJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumBackupCopyJobs –GoldBackupCopyJobs –SilverBackupCopyJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumSureBackupJobs .\Create_All_VeeamBackup_Jobs.ps1 –PlatinumReplicaJobs –GoldReplicaJobs –SilverReplicaJobs   Below gives you an idea as to the amount of work that has gone into creating this. Over 1200 lines of custom code.     Here is the best part as I love to give back to the community. Feel free to check out the script below.  ...

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Take Your Microsoft Certification Exams from Home – Now in Canada

  Yes it is official everyone!! I received an email from Microsoft Certification earlier today. In Canada from your Home!   You can now write Microsoft Certification Exams from the comfort of your own home or office! This is amazing news way to go Microsoft!   Below is the email that I received from them today!   Online proctored exam delivery (beta) is now available in your country: take your next Microsoft Certification exam online, nearly anywhere! Introducing a convenient way to take Microsoft Certification exams at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. Online Proctoring, offered by Pearson VUE, lets you choose the time and place to take any Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exam. Using a webcam and your personal computer, you can take your exams at home, work or just about anywhere you have internet access. How it Works Ensure your environment and system meet the requirements for online proctored delivery. You can take online proctored exams at home, at work, or at any other location that meets security and environment requirements. Review the hardware, software, and protocol requirements located here. If you ensure that these requirements are met before you check in for your exam, the check-in process should only take about ten minutes. Register for an online proctored exam. Choose an MCP or MTA exam (click here for...

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