Missing or Couldn’t attend Microsoft Ignite 2017?

Well thousands don’t have this problem, but perhaps you do, or couldn’t attend all the sessions. Microsoft Ignite has so much information and sessions that it’s hard to attend all the ones that interest you. Good thing they have streams and will bring them to us during and after the event. Microsoft Ignite Updates Well you may not be there, but you can always take part and get information directly from the Microsoft Ignite Mobile App https://myignite.microsoft.com/mobileapp Here are the first of the key notes – Power transformative change with Microsoft business applications and platform Speaker: James Phillips Empower...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 42 – HPE RDMA Issues Mellanox CX3-Pro Prod Issue #StorageSpacesDirect #HPE #S2D @MellanoxTech

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, Today seemed to have finally resolved the case of the jobs that were stuck on our Production 4 x Node S2D Cluster running on HPE DL380 G9’s and Mellanox CX3-Pro NICS. We had been banging our heads against the wall and I decided to re-test our RDMA Configuration using the script mentions in an earlier post called Test-RDMA.ps1. The results of the above script indicate that we have some issues with RDMA being configured. This is kind of funny because after I had set this up everything was working great. We tested all of...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 41 – HPE Build Guide #StorageSpacesDirect #HPE #S2D

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, Recently I had the privilege of speaking at the TechMentor Event in Redmond, WA. During my session there one of the other speakers Bruce Mackenzie-Low who works for HPE shared the link to the HPE’s Storage Spaces Direct Build Guide. I had been hunting all over the internet and HPE’s site for months trying to find something like this. This is the first real guide for HPE hardware that I have found and I hope more are coming. This guide is really important if you are going to be building on HPE Hardware. It...

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List of must Attend Sessions at Microsoft Ignite #MSIgnite .@MSIgnite #MVPHour

Hey Microsoft Fans, Today I wanted to chat with you about some of the must attend sessions at Microsoft Ignite. With a session catalog over 1100 sessions deep this year it can often be difficult to decide which sessions to attend. First on my list every year is checking out what MVP – Sami Laiho has to say. His sessions are always ranked high and he even received the Top Speaker at Ignite a few years back. Troubleshooting processes with Process Explorer and Process Monitor Sami Laiho On this session Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading Windows professionals,...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 40 – 500k IOPS in 2-Node Non-RDMA Config #StorageSpacesDirect #HPE #S2D @MellanoxTech

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, Today I deployed a 2x Node Storage Spaces Direct configuration for a customer. They purchased 2 x HP DL380 G9’s, P840 Controllers (HBA’s), 256GB RAM, 6 x Intel 1.6 TB SSD, Mellanox CX-3 Pro network adapters, and connected to their existing Cisco Meraki Switches. Now, if you remember from an earlier blog post I was talking about the issues with Cisco Meraki not being able to support RDMA (RoCE) traffic in this current release. As a result this customer decided to use a non-RDMA configuration. Here are some of the results from our stress...

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Hot off the press E-Book – 6 Common #HyperV Configuration Mistakes to Avoid #Altaro

What do MVP’s do over their summer Vacation? Well, Cristal and I were busy writing another book. This time a great little E-Book Reference Guide on Hyper-V Configuration Mistakes to Avoid. This book is free from: https://www.altaro.com/hyper-v-backup/ebook/6-hyper-v-configuration-mistakes.php What’s in this eBook? Hyper-V can be a deceptive technology. Although it’s straightforward enough to get a basic installation up and running with some elementary reading, it’s just as easy to make some bad mistakes when starting out. Certain environments lend themselves well to an initial deployment but often inexperienced users soon encounter unexpected problems. You’ll find plenty of resources online helping...

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Windows Server 1709 is a “Game Changer” for Hyper Converged Infrastructure #Microsoft #StorageSpacesDirect #Gartner

Hey Microsoft Fans, Earlier this week on the Microsoft Storage Blog there was a blog series on the new features of Windows Server 2016. Well now that the cat is out of the bag I think we can officially call our next version of Windows what it is “Windows Server 1709”. With announcements coming from Microsoft they are taking direct aim at Hyper Converged Industry leaders. Now interestingly enough Microsoft isn’t part of the Integrated Systems “Hyper Converged” Magic Quadrant. YET… I did a bit of digging this morning on Microsoft and the Magic Quadrant and here is what...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 39 – SES Enclosure issue with HPE DL380 G9 #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, This week is all about production related issues with Storage Spaces Direct. About a week ago I ran into a very interesting issue with a client running on brand new HPE DL380 G9’s in a 4 x Node S2D Cluster. When we open Failover Cluster Manager and checked the Storage Enclosures one of the Nodes was only show 12 slots instead of 16. Checkout the screenshot below: Now one would think that something was wrong with Failover Clustering, Storage Spaces Direct, or Windows Drivers with this issue. As it turns out make sure to...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 38 – Issue Expanding the Storage Pool Automatically + 24 Drives Verification in Progress #StorageSpacesDirect #HPE #S2D

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, We are back again with the 2nd post of the day. Today I had a great customer of mine double the capacity of their Storage Spaces Direct cluster on HPE DL380 G9’s by adding 24 x 1.6 TB SSD Drives. Now, when you expand a Storage Pool with Storage Spaces Direct the pool is supposed to automatically expand itself. What we found today we that the disks were getting added to the pool but the pool wasn’t expanding automatically. Here is a shot of the configuration before adding the 6 additional drives. Sorry folks...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 37 – Test-RDMA.PS1 #PowerShell #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Storage Spaces Direct fans, After a beautiful summer, away from blogging we are back and this time with a great little script from Microsoft to test your RDMA setup of your Storage Spaces Direct Nodes. There are a lot of little settings that can be missed and this one will definitely help you out. This script from Microsoft can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/Microsoft/SDN/blob/master/Diagnostics/Test-Rdma.ps1 It includes some great little options to run not only all your core RDMA Tests and gain a better understanding of the RDMA PowerShell Commands but also includes a cool DiskSpd.exe test to validate...

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North American MVPDays 2017-18 Community Roadshow– Call for Speakers now open all cities

Are you interested in Speaking at the North American MVPDays 2017-2018 Community Roadshow? Call for Speakers is now open in all cities: The links are listed below: MVPDays Virtual Conference October 25, 2017 – https://mvpdaysv-conference2017-1.busyconf.com/proposals/new Registration is open for: MVPDays Virtual Conference October 25, 2017 – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mvpdays-virtual-conference-oct-2017-tickets-37262524213 The other cities will open up closer to the events. You can find more information about the roadshow at www.mvpdays.com Thanks, Dave and...

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Copy AD Group Members in a different Domain to Another Domain #PowerShell #MVPHour

This sounds scenario sounds pretty simple, and theoretically it is. It’s also a common request. Someone comes to you and says, I have members in one group and I need them copied to another group. Sure, no problem. But what they forgot to mention is that the source group is in a different domain and has users and groups from the same or different domain than their target group.

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Full Audio Conferencing for the #SMB Using #S4B and @PGi

A small business recently had a requirement for an audio conferencing solution that would also integrate with Skype for Business. For ease of marketing and management purposes, they wanted to have static dial-in information as well as the ability to use the phone bridge without connecting to Skype. Like more and more small businesses, they have been using Office365 for the past couple years for e-mail and Skype for Business, having migrated from GMail accounts. There is no physical office, and the 4 users work from mobile devices including iOS, Mac, and Windows 10 clients. This is starting to sound like an exam question. Anyway… Since their requirements eliminated the integrated dial-in option, I had to look to a 3rd party solution. When it comes to dial-in conferencing for Skype for Business, there’s only 4 3rd party providers: PGi, Intercall, BT Conferencing, and ATT Conferencing. I reached out to PGi Sales, and they told me that there is a per-user price available, but if everyone is going to be having meetings, there was another option for a pool of minutes to be shared amongst everyone. Because it is a monthly subscription, I went with a user account for now, and will change it if the rest of the team want to leverage the capability. After signing up, PGi provided me with an Excel spreadsheet that had the dial-in number,...

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Preparing to Upgrade SQL Server? Data Migration Assistant! Part 1 #MVPHour #SQLServer #DMA

Datacenter’s and companies everywhere generally rely on a core piece of software to store their data and metrics, SQL Server. It’s nice to keep it up to date, but sometimes, and a lot of the time, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. SQL Server has been around for quite a while, there are many databases hosted by SQL Server. Microsoft has released many upgrade advisors over the years, but recently the SQL Server team has overhauled their traditional SQL Server Upgrade Advisor and have created a new product – SQL Server Data Migration Assistant (DMA), which is different than SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). To pull off a successful migration or upgrade, you need to do your detective work.

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Windows 10 Deployment Nightmare – Rogue Imaging in #SCCM #OSD

I just got back from a client site where we built their end-to-end Win10 migration solution. It was one of the cleanest environments I’ve had the pleasure of working in, with a solid AD and CM infrastructure, and made things go smooth. Up until my last day on the project. After spending a couple of weeks tweaking their USMT and Win10 user experience, we were at a remote branch testing out the self-serve Win10 migration capabilities with 1E Shopping (great tool, btw…). At every site, the client has app testing workstations…and this location happened to have 3. Two were...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 36 – Virtual Adapter Affinity S2D Deployment #PowerShell #MVPHour #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Storage Spaces Direct fans, I have been on Vacation for the past few weeks so sorry about not having posted for a bit. In this Blog post I wanted to talk about the importance of Virtual Network Adapter Affinity. Here is a screen shot of my configuration below. We have 2 x Mellanox CX-4 Ports one connecting to Top of Rack Switch 1 and the other to SW2. Now what we want to do is bind SMB_1 to Ethernet 5 and SMB_2 to Ethernet 6. One of the neat tricks that I have recently learned is how to...

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Windows 10 Enterprise as DirectAccess Client. Because Windows 10 supports automatic entry point selection and transparent failover, better scalability and performance. Also, windows 10 built-in DirectAccess connectivity status indicator, the administrators don’t have to deploy, manage, and maintain additional software.

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DirectAccess provides users with the experience of being seamlessly connected to their intranet any time they have Internet access. When DirectAccess is enabled, requests for intranet resources (such as email servers, shared folders, or intranet websites) are securely directed to the intranet, without the need for users to connect to a VPN. DirectAccess enables increased productivity for a mobile workforce by offering the same connectivity experience both inside and outside of the office.

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Installing #S2D without #RDMA

A client recently came to me and wanted us to flatten his hyper-converged appliance, and replace the 3rd party storage solution with Server 2016’s Storage Spaces Direct.  With all hardware being on the HCL for Server 2016 and SSD, they can contact Microsoft for any support requirements under their EA. Although they recognized the value of RDMA network infrastructure, there was absolutely no budget for additional hardware during this fiscal year, the solution needed to be implemented with the existing Intel-based 10GbE infrastructure.  This greatly simplified the configuration of the converged network, as there were no SET team or...

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VMware Storage and PowerShell #MVPHour #PowerShell

Well I’ve been buried lately under a lot of LUNs. Spring is over and a customer I’m at has forgotten to do their spring cleaning! Needless to say, the LUN presentation and maintenance to their VMware clusters is a mess! In order to audit the system and ensure things were going in my favor, I wrote quite a few PowerShell code blocks/1 liners.

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Dave’s Cool Tools Part 3 #PowerShell FTP Downloader Script PSFTP #mvphour #Canitpro

Hey fellow IT Pro’s in today’s blog post we will look at a super quick and dirty way to download files from your favorite FTP Site. Luckily there is already an FTP Module up in the PowerShell Gallery that we will use for this called PSFTP. Here is your code: install-module PSFTP -Force Import-Module -Name PSFTP $username = "anonymous" $password = "anonymous" $secstr = New-Object -TypeName System.Security.SecureString $password.ToCharArray() | ForEach-Object {$secstr.AppendChar($_)} $cred = new-object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $secstr Set-FTPConnection -Credentials $Cred -Server ftp://ftp.supermicro.com -Session DownloadingDrivers -UsePassive  $Session = Get-FTPConnection -Session DownloadingDrivers  Get-FTPItem -Session $Session -Path /driver/SATA/Intel_PCH_RAID_Romley_RSTE/Management/ -LocalPath "c:\post-install\SuperMicroDrivers" -RecreateFolders -Overwrite Get-FTPItem -Session $Session -Path /driver/VGA/ASPEED/v1.03.zip -LocalPath "c:\post-install\SuperMicroDrivers"...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 35 – Did you say #S2D for Free? #MVPHour #StorageSpacesDirect .@MS_Ignite

Eliminating Maintenance Contracts will pay for Storage Spaces Direct! One of the games our industry has played for as long as I have been around, is with maintenance contracts. These contracts are the lifeblood of most of these organizations as they generate run rate revenue well beyond the initial sale. If you don’t read the fine print in your contract most vendors have clauses written into them that allow them to increase the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) at a reasonable rate each year. Or in some cases they can just raise it as they see fit. So here...

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