Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 25 – Zero Downtime Migration to S2D #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour #HyperV

You have your new Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct hyperconverged HyperV Failover Cluster built. How can we move your workloads from your existing Hyper-V Failover Cluster to this new farm with Zero Downtime?   Well this process is extremely easy to accomplish using Cluster to Cluster Shared-Nothing Live Migration. I have used the process below a lot in production and it works great! Here is the actual step-by-step Method of Procedure Document (MOP) that we use for this.   Shared Nothing Live Migration from Hyper-V Cluster to another Hyper-V Cluster (Without Down Time) In this solution, you will be able...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 24 – Planned Power Outage of S2D #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour #Hyper-V

One of the challenges with any hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is that sometimes you need to shut things down for maintenance. This normally happens to some of my customers a few times a year depending on what part of the world they live in. I thought that it would be nice to document the supported process to shut down a Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster. It is really as easy as 1-2-3 and is documented here by Microsoft: – Authored by Elden Christensen (Principal PM at Microsoft of Clustering and HA) – so you know the steps are correct (Now I know this...

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Prior to performing on-boarding and off-boarding remote move migrations in an Exchange hybrid deployment, we recommend that you create Exchange remote migration endpoints. The migration endpoint contains the connection settings for an on-premises Exchange server that is running the MRS proxy service, which is required to perform remote move migrations to and from Exchange Online.

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 23 – Mellanox CX3-PRO on Dell R730XD Blue Screen #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour @Mellanoxtech

I recently came across a post on the Dell Support forum listing issues with a BLUE Screen on Dell R730XD Servers and Mellanox CX3-Pro Adapters. It is a really interesting read and here are some of the highlights of the case. BTW -> you can check it out yourself here: Basically user M.Olsson was deploying a small 3x node Storage Spaces Direct cluster with brand new Dell PowerEdge 730xd’s. He ordered the Mellanox Connectx-3 pro nics direct from Dell. This is interesting for me as I have the exact same configuration coming up in a few weeks and...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 22 – Critical Firmware Update for HPE Controllers lockup 0x13 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour @HPE

If you are planning on deploying Storage Spaces Direct on HPE G9 hardware make sure that you check your Host Bus Adapters (HBA)’s to ensure that your firmware is up to date and current. Back in April 2017 HPE released a Critical Firmware Update for the H240ar Controllers. Here is a quick list of the issues that are resolved by having at least the 5.04 Firmware or later. Kernel core dump using kdump might not complete in Linux when using Smart Array Gen9 firmware version 4.52. Intermittent memory errors might cause the controller to stop responding. (POST Lockup 0x13)...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 21 – Reference Architecture #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour @LenovoPress

Great reference architecture is really something that vendors should pride themselves on. When looking at Storage Spaces Direct Deployments I would say that one of the leaders in getting quality documentation out to the field is @LenovoPress. Their latest work is a really great Reference Architecture Document published on March 24, 2017. Lenovo is a great partner of Microsoft and has a certified solution for Storage Spaces Direct. Building great documentation is key in today’s world because transparency in the builds is what MVP’s like myself, Dave, Allan, and Emile are looking for. I have to give a big shout...

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Snapshot Management – Who done and When #PowerShell #VMware

This is one of those management tasks that comes up at any location you’re at, especially when you’re trying to manage VMs, performance or datastore space. The cleanup task of deleting snapshots is easy, but the questions that always comes to mind are: Who created it, when and why. Take a look at a quick script I wrote to answer that information. I schedule it to run every Monday morning and email the results. Simple! This framework works for both VMware and Hyper-V. Snapshot Management As I mentioned above, it’s easy to delete the snapshot, but why was it...

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Win32/MicTrayDebugger getting flagged by #WindowsDefender on clean images #Microsoft #HP

I received a rather urgent email from a customer today that Malware was being detected by Windows Defender on fresh images. The first thing that was going through my mind was that we had some kind of infection in the Gold Image. Below is a screen shot of Windows Defender in action on the initial Scan today. Obviously, this could be quite concerning to an end user that just had a PC delivered to have Malware on it. Where exactly did this come from? Well a few weeks back I remember that an HP Driver had a hole left...

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Dave’s Cool Tools Part 2 Channel 9 #PowerShell download Script #mvphour #Canitpro @CH9 @vladcatrinescu

Today I want to feature a really cool little PowerShell Script to download your favorite content from Microsoft Channel 9 @CH9. As I do most days at lunch I scour the internet for great IT News, Blog Posts, and cool tricks to help me with my day job. Today I was browsing my friend Vlad Catrinescu’s @vladcatrinescu blog: and I found this amazing post… Basically, it can be used as a downloader for any Channel 9 content from Microsoft. Sometimes it is nice to have offline content for when you are on the plane and this one...

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Yes, Veeam can back up your production physical servers!

For admins looking to reduce the amount of consoles that have to be managed, Veeam was, frankly, depressing. On one hand, the amazing validation and stability features to protect your virtual workloads are a must have, but on the other, its lack of physical support meant licensing and managing another backup product a steadfast requirement. Those that insisted on one backup console, thus overlooked Veeam and instead deployed a backup solution that was geared more towards physical workloads, backing up VMs using the same processes. While this provided a single console, it prevented the adoption of many backup enhancements...

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The Hybrid Configuration wizard helps you establish your hybrid deployment by creating the Hybrid Configuration object in your on-premises Active Directory and gathering existing Exchange and Active Directory topology configuration data. The Hybrid Configuration wizard also enables you to define and configure several organization parameters for your hybrid deployment, including secure mail transport options.

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