Win32/MicTrayDebugger getting flagged by #WindowsDefender on clean images #Microsoft #HP

I received a rather urgent email from a customer today that Malware was being detected by Windows Defender on fresh images. The first thing that was going through my mind was that we had some kind of infection in the Gold Image. Below is a screen shot of Windows Defender in action on the initial Scan today. Obviously, this could be quite concerning to an end user that just had a PC delivered to have Malware on it. Where exactly did this come from? Well a few weeks back I remember that an HP Driver had a hole left...

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Dave’s Cool Tools Part 2 Channel 9 #PowerShell download Script #mvphour #Canitpro @CH9 @vladcatrinescu

Today I want to feature a really cool little PowerShell Script to download your favorite content from Microsoft Channel 9 @CH9. As I do most days at lunch I scour the internet for great IT News, Blog Posts, and cool tricks to help me with my day job. Today I was browsing my friend Vlad Catrinescu’s @vladcatrinescu blog: and I found this amazing post… Basically, it can be used as a downloader for any Channel 9 content from Microsoft. Sometimes it is nice to have offline content for when you are on the plane and this one...

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Yes, Veeam can back up your production physical servers!

For admins looking to reduce the amount of consoles that have to be managed, Veeam was, frankly, depressing. On one hand, the amazing validation and stability features to protect your virtual workloads are a must have, but on the other, its lack of physical support meant licensing and managing another backup product a steadfast requirement. Those that insisted on one backup console, thus overlooked Veeam and instead deployed a backup solution that was geared more towards physical workloads, backing up VMs using the same processes. While this provided a single console, it prevented the adoption of many backup enhancements...

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The Hybrid Configuration wizard helps you establish your hybrid deployment by creating the Hybrid Configuration object in your on-premises Active Directory and gathering existing Exchange and Active Directory topology configuration data. The Hybrid Configuration wizard also enables you to define and configure several organization parameters for your hybrid deployment, including secure mail transport options.

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#VeeamON Day 2 #MVPHour #Veeam

The morning of day 2 started off a little different for myself. Some of the media and Veeam Vanguards attended a media and session where they disclosed some information about Veeam and some of the new products. After that it was a free for all! Which breakout session to attend, do I have time to see all the vendor presentations!? Read on to see what I attended.

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 5 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

Are you using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online with your Office 365 subscription? If so wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly populate and sync your document libraries from a mapped network drive or a CIFS share sitting on a NAS Appliance. I think this is very important because that is where all of my important files live in a corporate environment. So how exactly can we do this? Well the answer is with Symbolic Links. I have documented this process and gave a presentation at the Calgary Microsoft User Group recently on this exact topic. Luckily,...

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 4 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

I recently had the chance to work with the Calgary Microsoft User Group and delivered a session titled: An Absolute Beginners Guide to OneDrive for Business. In this session, I helped to level set the technology use cases for OneDrive for Business and showcase some of the new amazing features coming the Sync Client. I also discussed some of the concerns that modern businesses have when implementing and online service such as OneDrive for business including: Backing up, Restoring, Ransomware (WannaCry & CryptoLocker) and more. It was a great session and many thanks to the organizers of the CMUG...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 20 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour

With the evolution of Storage Spaces Direct coming full circle since Oct/Nov 2016 when Microsoft Launched Windows Server 2016. I still get asked the questions about why RDMA is better than regular TCP/IP and how can I prove it. Well I tell you that there have been extensive tests but don’t just take my work on it. There is an amazing write-up that just came out from the @MellanoxTech Blog by Motti Beck @MottiBeck Sr. Director Enterprise Market Development at Mellanox Technologies Inc. In his blog posts he goes into the deepest of conversations about Storage Spaces Direct &...

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VeeamON 2017 – Our View of an Amazing Conference #VeeamON #VeeamVanguard #Veeam #MVPHour

We had such an amazing trip to New Orleans for the annual VeeamON Conference last week. I take a moment and showcase some of the amazing moments that were captured on social media of our team down there. We had a strong representation of Team Kawula and Team TriCon there including: Myself – Dave Kawula – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @DaveKawula Super Cristal Kawula – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @SuperCristal1 Allan Rafuse – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @AllanRafuse Emile Cabot – Microsoft MVP – @ecabot And Cary Sun – 17 year Cisco CCIE – @SiFuSun We...

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