Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Dave Kawula here, dropping in with a quick yet invaluable tip for all of you managing your WordPress sites.

Picture this: you’re diligently running your blog, pouring your heart and soul into crafting engaging content, only to find your efforts hampered by an influx of spam accounts cluttering up your subscriber list. Sound familiar? Well, fear not, because I’ve got a handy solution to tackle this pesky issue head-on.

Recently, I encountered a similar predicament on my own WordPress site, where spammers had cunningly slipped through the cracks of our security measures, leaving us inundated with thousands of bogus subscriber accounts. Faced with the daunting task of sifting through them all, I stumbled upon a nifty little trick that made the process infinitely more manageable.

Here’s the scoop: in the default user view, you’re limited to selecting and deleting a mere 20 accounts at a time. Talk about a tedious and time-consuming endeavor! However, fear not, for there’s a simple workaround that’ll save you heaps of time and frustration. Just click on “Screen Options” within the Users section, and voilà – you can easily ramp up the displayed value to as high as 999 users. But here’s the kicker: in my experience, aiming for a more moderate range, say between 200 to 400 users, tends to yield the best results without causing any significant slowdowns. Once you’ve adjusted the display settings, it’s smooth sailing from there – simply bulk edit and delete those pesky spam accounts with ease, all without ever needing to delve into the labyrinth of your database.

With this you can quickly clean up your issues,