From all of our amazing authors and team at MVPDays publishing we have done it again.

From May 23-27,2017 you can get yourself a copy of each of our books we have released this year.

You may be asking yourself why we do this??? The answer is so simple… Because we love to share with you the IT community.

We recently had a chance to speak at #VeeamON 2017 the world’s largest availability Conference put on by Veeam Software.

During our sessions, we gave away copies of our books and decided why not make them free once again for everyone.

It’s our little way of giving back to all of you for working so hard in your day jobs.


Get your copy today by either going to Amazon or using these direct links:

Master PowerShell Tricks Volume 2 –

Master PowerShell Tricks Volume 1 –

Master Storage Spaces Direct Volume 1 –

If you work in the community, run a user group, love technology spread the work as this is an amazing offer. Please feel free to share it on your networks.

Let’s have a quick look at what exactly we are giving away:

Master PowerShell Tricks Series – Volume 1 and 2

These books are a compilation of some of our favourite PowerShell scripts, tricks, and techniques.

We had an amazing lineup of authors them:

Ed Wilson (The Scripting Guy)

Thomas Rayner MVP & (Honorary Scripting Guy)

Will Anderson MVP & (Honorary Scripting Guy)

Allan Rafuse MVP

Mick Pletcher MVP

Sean Kearney Former MVP – Now a Microsoft PFE

And myself Dave Kawula MVP

When we first released this book earlier this year we hit #1 on Kindle’s Store.

Master PowerShell Tricks Volume 1 at #1

Master Storage Spaces Direct Volume 1

This book was a lot of fun to write as at the time there wasn’t a lot of public documentation on setting up and configuring Microsoft’s Storage Spaces Direct.

The book was released to simple get the word out there that Microsoft HyperConverged solution is a great option in Windows Server 2016.

It is easy to setup and configure and the best part is that you likely already own it.

We are also pleased to announce that work has already commenced on Master Storage Spaces Direct Volume 2. This 2nd Volume will showcase even more configuration scenarios from HPE, Dell, and SuperMicro. My goal of Volume 2 is we treat it as more of a field notes and step by step guide for setting up Storage Spaces Direct in your environments.

We had some fantastic authors once again for this book:

Super Cristal Kawula – MVP

Allan Rafuse – MVP

Thomas Rayner – MVP

Myself Dave Kawula – MVP

Clint Wyckoff – MVP (Technical Editor)

Emile Cabot – MVP (Technical Editor)

Cary Sun – CCIE (Technical Editor)

Here is a shot of us speaking on Storage Spaces Direct at VeeamON 2017.

We are lined up to speak next at TechMentor in Redmond in August 2017 and then November 2017 in Orlando.

Both have us secured as featured speakers to talk about Storage Spaces Direct. If you are coming out checkout our session titled:

An Absolute Beginners Guide to Storage Spaces Direct

So, your call to action is simple folks:

Support authors like us that help get content out to you, review our Books, follow us on Social Media, and lastly have yourself a wonderful and amazing day!

Happy Learning

Dave, Cristal, and all the authors from MVPDays Publishing.