Month: January 2018

Retrieving your Azure AD Tenant ID Display Name and Guid/ObjectID

Ever need to know your Azure ID Tenant Guid/ObjectID? Here are a few ways to find it.


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As you know, Veeam released the service pack 3 on December 2017, it’s not fix bugs only, it also includes a lot of new features –
Built-in agent management,
Insider protection for Veeam Cloud Connect,
Data location tagging…
The details information you can check from Veeam website and
The steps are straightforward, but you still need to be careful about two things, the first one is “If you use Veeam ONE to monitor Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Cloud Connect, be sure to install Update 3 for Veeam ONE 9.5 first” and the second is “If you are a tenant of a cloud provider, please contact your provider before upgrading to ensure the provider has applied Update 3 on their end”.

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New Book – Deploying Config Manager Current Branch with PKI – Step by Step #MVPBuzz @MVPAward

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Our team of Expert Authors has had an early start to 2018 as we already have our first book published. This time we looked at the complexities of deploying Microsoft’s Configuration Manager with PKI and documented the heck out of it (220 pages worth). This is also the first time we are trying Leanpub as a publishing vehicle. It has a great platform that let’s us get content out a lot faster than traditional mediums. We are in no means giving up on Amazon this just get you the content a lot faster. We will be...

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MVPDays V-Conf Attendee Questions – #MVPBuzz #MVPHour @MVPAward #Canitpro

Hey MVPDays Fans, Today we had an amazing full day long event and I wanted to highlight some really great questions that we had throughout the day. What PoSH Terminal was MVP Thomas Rayner using during his session? Thomas said he is using ConEmu with a custom prompt. Regarding RDMA and DCB, what is a recommended way to configure DCB through windows DCB commands or just configuring on the switch level? Check page 14 of this guide Here is my Demo Script I have broken it down into a step by step for the config… That...

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