Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Our team of Expert Authors has had an early start to 2018 as we already have our first book published. This time we looked at the complexities of deploying Microsoft’s Configuration Manager with PKI and documented the heck out of it (220 pages worth). This is also the first time we are trying Leanpub as a publishing vehicle. It has a great platform that let’s us get content out a lot faster than traditional mediums. We are in no means giving up on Amazon this just get you the content a lot faster.

We will be publishing with both moving forward you will just see the early releases and previews of the books here in more of a chapter by chapter style. The best part about Leanpub is that you get to set your price for the books. This is a lot different than having a single fixed price on Amazon which is what we are used to. So hopefully this works out and we can sell more than just free downloadable copies of our books here.


You can grab your copy here:  https://leanpub.com/deployingconfigurationmanagercurrentbranchwithpki-stepbystep

In this book we have walked through a step by step lab build in our Azure Tenant that is running a Nested Hyper-V Host. We should you how to build everything up from scratch and have included all of our build scripts as part of this book.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from it:

We really hope that you enjoy this and please as always feedback is very welcome.