Hey MVPDays Fans,

Today we had an amazing full day long event and I wanted to highlight some really great questions that we had throughout the day.

  • What PoSH Terminal was MVP Thomas Rayner using during his session?
  • Regarding RDMA and DCB, what is a recommended way to configure DCB through windows DCB commands or just configuring on the switch level?
  • During the storage space setup do we need to specify ReFS or is it bydefault filesystem format that storage space uses?
    • When you build the volume you can choose –> FileSystem CSV_REFS is what we always use and is what is really supported. You lose a lot of resiliency that ReFS provides if you try and format with NTFS. Short answer is always use ReFS with S2D
  • Does storage space snapshot quiesce in-guest vm application while taking the snapshot for os+app consistency ?
    • VSS takes care of that with the native CBT RCBT Filter Drivers –> For Example –> DPM Would use VSS to take care of that –> There are no native Hardware Providers for this if that is what your are talking about. The Backup Programs do all of this work. There is no SnapShot level setting in S2D or Storage Spaces itself. When Hyper-V takes a Production CheckPoint in 2016 yes it does do this but it doesn’t matter what storage it is riding on… Make sense.
  • Is this conference recorded?

Well folks that wraps up an amazing day that we had during the V-Conf.


Dave and Cristal

MVPDays Co-Founders