Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today I’m going to show you how to use the DataON MUST extension for Windows Admin Center.

The only step that I have already completed is to register the DataON MUST extension by clicking on Settings, Extensions, and Installing it.

As you can see below, it shows up as an installed extension inside of Windows Admin Center.

Next, open up your Hyper-Converged Cluster Manager for Storage Spaces Direct. You will notice the new extension now shows up because we indeed are working with DataON hardware.

The default view that you see above is make and model specific. We can see the health state of each of the drives. Now, this is extremely important because this particular cluster I’m working with has only NVME SSD Drives. As such, there isn’t a Storage enclosure for Storage Spaces Direct. The only way to tell which slot a failed drive is in is via this interface which is extremely troublesome when something dies. DataON has done this right and will be a big value add if you ever have to replace a drive.

Now, the most important part of running a traditional SAN was the phone home support. DataON has this feature for their hardware, and you simply need to register your with them to get your activation code.

After you enter your activation code, you can click on Continue.

Once done the Alert Services options open up for your Storage Spaces Direct DataON Cluster.

You can also setup Phone Home support with DataON Support.

This requires a bit of additional configuration with the support team. We will have a look at this in a future post.

I hope you found this useful.