Wait a minute you are probably reading this blog post because you saw the word Free in it….


Well you didn’t read that wrong…. Yes Community Sponsorship of MVPDays is totally free.


You are probably wondering why so read on and find out more…..




One of the big reasons that www.mvpdays.com is so successful is the amazing support from the community.


As such we would like to showcase your community as part of this amazing North American Community Roadshow.


So if you are a member of a User Group Lead or an MVP with a Blog Site or a Community Super Hero




you will want to read this post.




This year we are offering a new Community led sponsorship.


Cost = Free




  1. Be a friend of MVPDays and help promote via social media and to your local membership via email
  2. Can be a full UG or an individual MVP via their Blog –> We are not excluding MVP’s that want to help promote this amazing event
  3. Help MVPDays out by attending / speaking  / or volunteering when it comes through a local city


In Return:

  1. Provide free Community Sponsorship for the events
  2. Blog (Logo) or UG (Logo) up on the community Sponsors section of http://www.mvpdays.com
  3. We will try to increase the social media following of these community sponsors at each of the events encouraging more people to follow our amazing community sponsors.
  4. We will provide a spot in each city where the UG’s can setup in a community section and hopefully drive more membership. 

Cristal and I felt that this would be yet another amazing way that we could showcase those special individuals that are such a big part of the event.


If anyone is interested in becoming a community sponsor, please email your fearless lead organizer of MVPDays and your very own Community Super Hero “Super Cristal” Kawula – cristal@mvpdays.com.



Dave and Cristal