Have you ever received an email like the one in the screen shot below?

Well, I did this morning and it reminded me of a really cool tool that I always use to solve this very issue.

Now remember finding those log files that are running away, temp files and are not needed, and unused files can be very cumbersome.

Introducing Tree Size Professional from Jam Software. I have used this software on and off over the past 15 years without fail.

They have over 80,000 customers worldwide and it is one of those little hidden gems that can save you a ton of time and money.

Let’s look at this particular use case of our C:\ being full on either a local desktop or a server.

Hunting through Windows Explorer to find this is absolutely useless.

In my case in the Screen shot below it was my G:\ on my local desktop being full.

Well thanks for letting me know Windows Explorer that is about the extent Windows will give you by default.

What if this was a CIFS file share on a NAS or a Backup Repository for Veeam. I just want a quick and instant snapshot of what my data looks like.

So, here is what you are going to do folks. Download a free trial copy of Tree Size Professional from here: https://jam-software.com/treesize/

You could get the personal version but don’t it doesn’t look at network shares only a local machine.

Once installed here is your default view of my G:\ that is full above.

I can almost instantly figure out what folders are taking up all my space:

I have a BlogCasts folder that is consuming 31.4 %, Downloads at 22.8%, and _VMS at 12.2 %.

There are some obvious things that I could almost immediately do to clean up space. One is delete a bunch of my downloads and or clean up my VHDx files that I’m not using on my laptop.

Seems cool right but what if you wanted deeper analysis of something like a Veeam Backup Repository?

Let’s see what this looks like….

I have a Veeam Endpoint Backup job running on this same laptop called Backup Job Desktop-RAD8GS that I’m storing in this backup repository and it appears to be taking up about 15 % of the overall space.

Running out of space and planning your Veeam Backup Repositories can always be challenging because figuring our the rate of change can be really hard.

Well, with this you can at a look at the data right at your fingertips. I know that VeeamOne and other tools can do this as well but if I want to just get a quick look this tool is really nice for me.

I can also do things like exporting the file structure to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Now how about the next use case. I want to analyze my File Server prior to migrating it to something like OneDrive for Business.

In a couple of seconds look at the data I can grab from my File Server…

I even played around with taking my personal OneDrive Sync Share and scanned this on my local machine to see what my space utilization looked like…

It’s kind of cool to see where my 25 GB of OneDrive personal data is being used up.

Anyways, I really hope you have a chance to download Tree Size professional and check it out. I know I always have this tool in my toolkit.

Happy Learning.