Hey Storage Spaces Direct fans, I some very unfortunate news for you.  Nano Server + Storage Spaces Direct have broken up. In what seemed to be a meaningful relationship that was mutually beneficial has come to an abrupt end. This could spell disaster for OEM Vendors that were poised to build solutions using Nano Server and Storage Spaces Direct but that is the life of technology. This move is reinforcing Microsoft’s push towards the cloud and they seem have no strategic interest in continuing development on our smallest footprint Storage Spaces Direct design. So time to scrap all those designs and refocus back on Server Core as Storage Spaces Directs new BFF.

The above screen shot was actually taken from the Microsoft site: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/storage-spaces/hyper-converged-solution-using-storage-spaces-direct .. This news that we are bringing you is so new that they haven’t even had a chance to update their documentation yet.   (Friendly nudge to my friends on the documentation team… might want to adjust this 🙂

They still haven’t had a chance to editing out the fact that Nano Server is no longer a supported Scenario with Nano Server.

Now from what we have been told at the Microsoft Build Conference we can expect a leaner, meaner, faster, and more secure version of Nano Server coming out very soon. There will also be efforts to further streamline Server Core for Windows 2016 and this is your new recommended platform for Microsoft Virtualization and Storage Spaces Direct.

You can checkout Taylor Brown’s Principal Lean PM in the Windows Server talk about the future of Nano Server / Containers and much more at Build 2017 below

Lastly, I would love to give a massive shout out to my friend and fellow MVP Charbel Nemnon. He actually just finished writing a book on Nano Server in pretty much every bare metal scenario that is now going to be in the history isle. Buddy I feel your pain and I am going to buy a bunch of copies just to show you that we care about what you do for the community and to keep it up!

Now I am going to tell you what you can do to help out my friend Charbel… Buy his other book that just came out and support him there! (There are a couple of other good authors on there too Patrick Lowands and Leandro Carvalho) nice work boys.

For this book, you can find the link here: https://www.packtpub.com/virtualization-and-cloud/windows-server-2016-hyper-v-cookbook-second-edition

Hope you enjoy and Happy learning,