Hey Networking fans, I’m back again this time with a really cool little trick to determine what protocol your ConnectX-3 Pro card is running. Also, how you can quickly get into the Event Viewer and build a filter for your card.


Let’s start off by opening Device Manager and checking out our adapter card:


Where you would normally head is to Network Adpaters, Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet Adapter, right click properties, and view information like our current Driver Version or Firmware

(Oops guess I should downgrade this à
as of today June 19, 2017 à
Firmware 2.40.7000 has issues that have been confirmed by the community)


You can also click on the Events tab and check out the events listed. On this windows you can click on View All Events which opens up a filtered Event Viewer view.


Something that you likely didn’t know is the other place to look in Device Manager


Click on System Devices, and scroll down until you find Mellanox …..


This is where you can find information on the Port Protocol you are using. You can see we are currently using Ethernet and not Infinniband.


Port Protocol Configuration

This menu displays the adapter’s port type and enables you to set the network protocols for the network adapter ports.


  • The network protocol is determined according to the NIC’s Hardware Defaults port type. You can choose the protocol explicitly by selecting the port type to InfiniBand (IB) or Ethernet (Eth).
  • To enable Auto Sensing, please choose AUTO. If the NIC supports Auto Sensing, the port protocol will be determined according to the link type. Otherwise it will start as IB.



  • When the adapter is a single port, only one port is displayed.
  • When the NIC is InfiniBand or Ethernet only, the user cannot change the port type.
  • RoCE is enabled by default when the port is started as Ethernet.
  • Changing the port type will restart the drivers.



Hope this was informative for you.

Happy Learning,