Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans,

This week is all about production related issues with Storage Spaces Direct. About a week ago I ran into a very interesting issue with a client running on brand new HPE DL380 G9’s in a 4 x Node S2D Cluster. When we open Failover Cluster Manager and checked the Storage Enclosures one of the Nodes was only show 12 slots instead of 16. Checkout the screenshot below:

Now one would think that something was wrong with Failover Clustering, Storage Spaces Direct, or Windows Drivers with this issue. As it turns out make sure to always check your Layer 1 issues folks.

This case was quickly solved by turning off the server and double checking the cables inside the Server. Turns out we had a loose SAS Cable and once plugged in our problem was solved.

See sometimes the fixes are right in front of you and quite easy to solve.

Thanks and happy learning,