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Today, I was working with one of my students in my Master Storage Spaces Direct class, and they had inadvertently installed Windows Server 2022 Standard into their LAB HCI Nodes.

He is currently studying for his AZ800 and AZ801 hybrid Windows Server Exams. This is an important troubleshooting step to understand how to fix it.

This causes a problem because Storage Spaces Direct only supports Datacenter Edition.

We can change versions using DISM, but it will be a 2-reboot process in this case because we are using the Evaluation Media.

Here are the steps we followed to fix the issue:

#1 -Run DISM to flip from evaluation to the KMS KEY for 2022 standard

DISM /Online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /ProductKey:VDYBN-27WPP-V4HQT-9VMD4-VMK7H /AcceptEula

#2 – Reboot

#3 – Run DISM to flip the edition from Standard to DataCenter by running the following command:

DISM /Online /Set-Edition:ServerDatacenter /ProductKey:WX4NM-KYWYW-QJJR4-XV3QB-6VM33 /AcceptEula

#4 Reboot

#5 – Try Storage Spaces Direct Again

And we are in business,

Hope this post helps you out,