This was a session that I did in Vancouver in September of 2014 at MVPDays.


Session – Designing Hyper-V the Right Way – Building a Hyper-V Cluster in Less than 20 Minutes

Presenters -Dave Kawula – MVP / Marcos Nogueira – MVP

Have you struggled to find the right architecture for your Hyper-V infrastructure?

What is the best storage, networking and backup strategy?

There are plenty of ways to design Hyper-V incorrectly, but finding the right way isn’t so easy.

Get expert insight with Hyper-V MVP Dave Kawula in this session to learn:

· Hyper-V cluster design tips

· Automation through PowerShell

· Tips for backup with Veeam

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint Deck used for this presentation:

Click the link below to download the associated Scripts and files used for this presentation: