In this episode of Interview with an MVP your hosts, Dave Kawula and Clint Wyckoff discuss many of the new features  and answer questions from a recent webinar.

Q. What the heck are Containers?

Q.  re: containers use case – Condensing the infrastructure I need to support my dev group’s SDLC. Dev, Test, QAT, UAT on one box = 1/4th the VMs I need to patch.
Q.  What is nano server?
Q.  What type of bandwidth is required for Shared VHDX to work properly?  is 1GB/sec sufficient or is 10GB or higher required?
Q.  Will the new Hyper-V manager allow non administators have VM console access?  For example allow a VM user to reenable a vNIC he/she accidentially disabled.

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Clint and Dave

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