In this episode of Interview with an MVP your hosts, Dave Kawula and Clint Wyckoff discuss many of the new features  and answer questions from a recent webinar.


Q.  any improvements specifically around VMM with server 2016 coming out? we find ourselves going to Hyper-V Manager/Failover cluster Manager instead of VMM often due to performance issues/bugs.

Q.  Can I use SCVMM 2008 r2  manage server 2016 and nano?
Q.  Do you know when Server 2016 will RTM ??  Estimated date??
Q.  Does using Shared VHDX provide High Availabilty in an SQL cluster. For example – if Hyper-V node A running the active SQL VM A node goes down, does the MS cluster failover provide zero outage ?
Q.  Since the storage is being replicated via the CSV, the cluster failover should be completely transparent to users.
Q.  Hi, how does TPM 2.0 work with clustering a VM role on multiple different host servers?
Q.  When upgrading the hardware versions, does that require a reboot?
Q.  Is there a list of supported versions of Linux? CentOS v6.6, Redhat, Suse,……

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