I wanted to do a shout out to all you folks that are registered for VeeamOn, to consider coming to town a few days early. On the Friday before VeeamOn, Vanguards Dave and Cristal Kawula will be hosting a 1-day conference, called MVPDays Community Roadshow (www.mvpdays.com). Early Bird tickets are free, and if you happen to miss those, the ticket cost is well worth the extra content that is presented at these shows.

With presenters comprising of Microsoft MVPs, Veeam Vanguards, and other industry experts, MVPDays hosts a broad range of content for attendees across many different areas. It started four years ago as a vessel to present technology to the public and network with industry peers, growing from its roots in Western Canada to its upcoming fourth show in the USA it has attracted some awesome presenters known around the world.

There are typically 2-3 tracks to choose from, and sessions range from 45 to 90 minutes. Popular topics are PowerShell, S2D, Azure, DevOps, SQL, Big Data, and Infrastructure Solutions. One of the great things about MVPDays is the size. With up to 150 attendees, there is ample opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the presenters, and the sessions are small enough to promote interaction.

The Roadshow also has a small expo hall with 6-8 boots showing their technology. Given the size of the event, the sponsors are hand-picked solutions and often best-in-class. It wraps up with a cocktail hour, where prizes are handed out and attendees are given a final networking opportunity.

Hope to see you there!