Managing updates via Azure Updates should now be available and pre-configured on TMWAC01 (Windows Admin Center server). These steps will have us review these settings, as it does take some time for the uploads and scans of information to make this fully serviceable.

1.Logon to TMWAC01 as Administrator.

2.Open Edge and browse to https://localhost

3.Click Advanced and accept the Security Warnings to continue.

4.Click on TMWAC01 and click on Updates

5.Notice now that you cannot make any changes on updates as Azure Updates now manage this system.

6.Note several updates need to be applied.

7.Return to

8.Click on Azure Arc

9.Click on Servers

10.Select TMWAC01

11.Click Update Management.

12.For this lab right now, we will only create a deployment schedule for TMWAC01. In production, this would be configured for multiple machines and machine groups.

13.Click on Schedule Update Deployment

14.On the Basics tab Update Deployment Name type October 2021 Patch Tuesday.

15.On the Runtime Settings leave the default of 120 minutes for a maintenance Window

16.On the Reboot Options select Reboot if Required.

17.Click on the Schedule tab

18.For this lab, we will choose to update now. This is handy in the event you need to service a system immediately. In production, this would be scheduled with patch groups and based on your standard organizational patching procedures.

19.Click on the Updates tab

20.You can customize classifications and inclusions of specific KBs or exclusions of specific KBs.

21.As we just want to deploy all available updates, no action is necessary on this screen.

22.Click on the Pre-scripts + Post Scripts tab

23.In production, there might be post script actions required on a service group like checking to make sure that all services of a specific type are correctly restarted.

24.No action is necessary for this deployment.

25.Click on the Review and Create tab

26.Click Create.

27.You will see a green checkmark beside update deployment created.

28. As the machine was recently onboarded, not the message under the update name. This machine has not been assessed yet. If the machine was recently enabled for update management, it would take a few minutes to report assessment data.

29. Click on Deployment Schedules to see the one time deployment that is currently scheduled.

30. After about 15 minutes, the updates appeared via Azure Arc Update Management.

31. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the updates to kick off from the update now job being selected.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Dave Kawula