It is essential, before upgrading Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) to have a good backup of Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS). This is done by taking the system state backup of at least one domain controller in each domain in the Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Forest.

1.Logon to TMDC01.

2. Install the Windows Server Backup Feature.

3. Open Windows Server Backup.

4. Click on Backup Once.

5. On the Backup Options Select Different Options and click Next.

6. On the Select Backup, Configuration Screen click Custom and click Next.

7. On the Select Items for Backup click Add Items.

8. Choose System State and Click Ok.

9. On the Select Items for Backup Screen Click Next.

10. On the Specify Destination Type Select Remote Shared Folder.

11. On the Specify a remote folder type \\tmfile01\IT.

12. On the Confirmation Screen click Backup.

13. The Backup should only take a few minutes, if the Backup is taking a long time in the lab, you can click on close and move onto the next exercise. It will complete in the background.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cristal Kawula