Azure Backup deployed via Windows Admin Center provides some excellent cloud-based protection for critical workloads. In addition, azure Backup has a great Item level restore option available for any protected items.

1. Logon to TMWAC01 (Windows Admin Center server) as Administrator

2.Open Edge and browse to https://localhost

3.Click Advanced and accept the Security Warnings to continue.

4.Click on TMWAC01 and click on Azure hybrid center.

5.Click on Setup for Azure Backup.

6.Note – You need to create the Recovery Services vault and required components prior to configuring the backup jobs themselves.

7. Click on Setup Azure Backup.

8.On the Azure Backup window, the popped up Click on Show Details

9.Select your Azure Subscription ID

10.On Vault, Choose WACVault1 (new)

11.On Resource Group, select TMAdvancedCyberSecurity

12.On-Location Choose Canada Central.

13.Select C:\

14.Leave Defaults of Weekly Backups, retain four weeks

15.Leave Defaults for System State Schedule Weekly Backups, Retain four weeks

16.For Passphrase, enter tmazbackup123456789

17.Click Apply.

18.It will take a few minutes to create the Recovery Service Vault.

19.Because the Lab is in Azure, the time it takes to Backup and Restore is extremely fast.

20. After the agent has been deployed, the Microsoft Azure Backup is displayed on the desktop.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Dave Kawula