At the start of April, I ordered a new home lab kit. But let me explain – My ‘home lab’ is basically a small business production set of data. I used to do a lot of labbing at home, but the work lab has gotten legit so I don’t do true IT lab work at home anymore.

UPDATE:  All items have been claimed!

My wife and I have legitimate payroll data for a nanny operation (EIN and all) and plus my recipes and baby photos! This to me is production data for the household. The new kit is great, a Synology DS413 and a new HP ProLiant server. The old kit still works great, but just the runtime on the drives I thought I’d do something unique with it.

So here is the offer, if anyone wants to get started in IT, you can have my old home lab. The only catch is that you email me a pre-paid shipping label. I keep all of the original boxes, so the server and storage array will be able to ship correctly. Here’s the equipment I’m offering:

  • 1 Dell PowerEdge T110 server with 8 GB RAM and 1 Processor (Can’t remember what the speed is) (Has a total of 3 network interfaces, service tag GW394S1)
  • 1 Drobo Pro iSCSI storage (with rackmount kit optional)
  • 8 Miscellaneous hard drives in the Drobo

The offer is that if you send me a pre-paid shipping label, the kit is yours for free. I’m in Columbus, Ohio USA (43240) if you want to think about shipping costs before taking the offer.

The PowerEdge T110 Server is below:

The Drobo is below:

This kit can be a platform to install Hyper-V or VMware to start some self-learning as well as some iSCSI storage. The 8 hard drives I’ll include will be wiped, but do have some runtime on them. The Server will  have no hard drives in it (it does support USB ESXi install however, which I did for years with no issue on it). Email me at if you are interested!

UPDATE: The Drobo is taken, congratulations John Obeto.

UPDATE:  And the Server is taken, congratulations Kelby Konig from Denver.

“Winner” Handling will be determined by email timestamp sequence of my personal email.