This morning I got an email that said Veeam replication job failed and show error as follow:

This replication job is running every hour for replication SQL server to DR host, it was working one hour ago and failed suddenly.

I tried to re-run the replication job from Veeam B&R Console, it failed at Processing Configuration 0:00:11 every time.

A mystery is happening, there is a VM be created on the target host server when I run the replication job even it failed, so if I run 10 times and there are 10 VMs be created.

First, I stop the Veeam replication job and try to restart Veeam services from the target host server but no luck. Then I find some clues from Veeam logs, it shows error failed to update snapshot and error failed to execute WMI Query.

After this, I restart WMI service from target server, Bingo! The Veeam replication job is happy now.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cary Sun