Well thousands don’t have this problem, but perhaps you do, or couldn’t attend all the sessions. Microsoft Ignite has so much information and sessions that it’s hard to attend all the ones that interest you. Good thing they have streams and will bring them to us during and after the event.

Microsoft Ignite Updates

Well you may not be there, but you can always take part and get information directly from the Microsoft Ignite Mobile App


Here are the first of the key notes –

  1. Power transformative change with Microsoft business applications and platform

    Speaker: James Phillips

  2. Empower IT and developer productivity with Microsoft Azure

    Speaker: Scott Guthrie

  3. Create a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

    Speaker: Catherine Boeger, Kirk Koenigsbauer, Brad Anderson, Shilpa Ranganathan

Watch the streams

LIVE Streams – https://mediastream.microsoft.com/events/2017/1709/Ignite/player/IgniteMain.html#liveNow

Upcoming Streams – https://mediastream.microsoft.com/events/2017/1709/Ignite/player/IgniteMain.html#upcoming

On Demand Streams – https://mediastream.microsoft.com/events/2017/1709/Ignite/player/IgniteMain.html#onDemand


Enjoy the new information at the comfort of your fingertips and workspace!