This was a session that I did in Vancouver in September 2014 at MVPDays

Session – Advanced Windows Deployments

Presenters – Dave Kawula MVP / Emile Cabot

You asked for a real world scenario for Advanced Windows Deployments and that is what we have created.   This book is based on Dave/Emile’s new book called Advanced Windows Deployments (On the shelf in early October).

You will learn how to trim down SCCM Infrastructure to a Single Server and deploy Windows to branch locations without shipping a single USB Stick or piece of hardware.   Central Management is a key focus of this session and you not be disappointed.

These scenarios will focus on the amazing add-on products provided by 1E Software.   With this solution fortune 100 customers have deployed over 30,000 machines in a single month.

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint Deck used for this presentation: