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I wanted to write to you tonight with some exciting news about the upcoming sessions for @MVPDays Virtual Conference.

The show begins at 8:00 MST and runs until 5:00 PM MST – October 25, 2017

If you are interested you can sign-up here:

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You can check-out the schedule here:


Let’s take a look at the 4th of 4 blocks of sessions for this virtual Conference.

Our first speaker is legendary MVP Kevin Kaminski follow him at @kkaminski

Kevin Kaminski (Principal Consultant at AMTRA Solutions)

Kevin Kaminski is a seasoned consultant with over 19 years’ experience focusing mainly on Microsoft technologies that range from device management to the data center. Using his experiences from different organizations large and small he is able to draw upon practical knowledge that he incorporates into his speaking engagements, training materials, articles and consulting engagements. He currently is a Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices for IT and has been a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) over the past nine years.

Session – Embracing Modern Management

In the fall of 2016 IBM boasted how they could save over $500/user by deploying OSX instead of Windows to their user base and this created a stir in the media. Everything sounded great but was this an apple to apple comparison or was there more to the picture?

The reality is that the headlines were misleading, but the approach to managing user’s devices was very real. Microsoft wasn’t asleep when this announcement happened and has been hard at work developing their approach to modern management. The it is more than a concept and that is why Microsoft is constantly introducing technologies to complement Windows 10 along with Windows 10 specific innovations to make modern management a reality for Windows user.

To embrace modern management, you have to take in a deep breath and be willing to forget the preconceptions of where users work, how they use their applications and consume data. The end user computing world is changing in a big way, and Kevin Kaminski is here to explain the vision and current state of the modern management strategy.

Our second speaker is by a brand new MVP Torren Manson who is also a MVPDays Alumni

I’m a Principal Consultant for Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams, as well as the supporting Office 365 functions. My areas of expertise are first deployments of new UC features and technologies, the entire SfB Enterprise Voice feature set, and building large, complex environments that work.

Way back when, I obtained a BSc in Computer Science and Earth Observational Science from Royal Roads Military College. My certifications that I feel are still meaningful include Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Communications, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Cisco Certified Networking Professional, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

I’m a founder/coordinator/presenter at the British Columbia Unified Communications User Group, and at the British Columbia Interior Microsoft User Group. I’m an active blogger at blog.bumpinthe.net, and an occasional tweeter @Bumpinthenet. I live in Kamloops, British Columbia with my wife, our son, and too many cats.

Session – Everything you need to know to become a Teams SuperHero!

Teams! Teams! Teams! If you’re watching any Microsoft-related social media streams, or viewed the session list for Microsoft Ignite, you’ve no doubt noticed a HUGE increase in all things Teams.

Join us as we cover everything you need to know to become a Teams Superhero! This presentation will cover:

Teams 101 – what the heck is Teams, and what can it do for me?

Teams vs the competition (Slack, Spark, Hangouts, Facebook Workplace),

Teams vs/plus the rest of the Microsoft apps – Outlook Groups, Yammer, Sharepoint, Skype for Business

a walkthrough of cool Teams tricks and features – it’s more than just chat, it’s a workplace

The future of Teams – especially in light of the leaked “Skype for Business is now Teams” announcement, and updates from Ignite

Activate your Teams Superhero status now!

Our third speaker is Ashish Trivedi MVP

Ashish Trivedi (Principal Consultant at Empired)

Ashish works as Principal Consultant focusing on the Microsoft Productivity stack in Australia. He has “lived” in the SharePoint world from the days of SharePoint 2003. He specialises in delivering enterprise solutions using technology. Ashish is a passionate developer with a zeal for creating innovative solutions using Office 365 & SharePoint. Ashish is an active community contributor through various channels. He has made contributions towards Microsoft-driven open source projects such as PnP. He is Microsoft MVP in Office Development. He has also presented at national & International conferences, for example, Microsoft Aus Ignite, Digital Workplace & Collab365.

Session – Use Azure skills to develop for Office 365

Do you love coding for Azure? Why not try extending your skills for Office 365. Let’s see how Azure support Office 365 developer extensibility and you can use your skills to program for Microsoft Cloud. In this discussion, we will review how Azure support gateway to develop for Office 365 and how the developer capabilities of Azure cross over with Office 365. This include practical real world examples of solutions built for Office 365 include Azure capabilities like Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure AD apps, Azure Web jobs and more include AI capabilities.

Our final speaker for MVPDays Virtual Conference is Stephane Budo MVP

Stephane Budo (Solutions Architect at Vigilant.IT)

I have been in the IT industry since I completed my university degree in computing science in 1995. Although I started my career as a C/C++ developer, I then moved in the IT infrastructure space through different roles such as System Administrator, Systems Engineer and Network Engineer for international companies. In February 2008, I partnered with Tom Ward to develop Vigilant.IT, in which I continued to improve my skill set in the engineering and architecture space. Today, my primary focus is the Microsoft System Center suite, Windows Azure Pack, Microsoft Cloud OS for hosters and large enterprise and of course, Microsoft Azure, specifically around Recovery services, IaaS and networking. I also am a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect (MCSD) and a Microsoft Azure MVP.

Session – How will you manage a Hybrid IT Environment? OMS Availability with Azure Backup and Site Recovery

Protect your critical assets wherever they are, on-premises or in the cloud! Real-time availability of your applications and data, regardless of platform or location, without the cost of traditional infrastructure maintenance. Backup and restore critical assets from an integrated cloud-based service. In this presentation, you will learn how to take advantage of the economies of Cloud technology to get enterprise class Back-up and DR with Azure OMS (Operations Management Suite) Availability.

Restore applications and services quickly with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Orchestrate replication, create customised recovery plans, and easily test failover. Extend on-premises data protection tools with purpose built enterprise backup services. Remove the cost and complexity of Tape back-up. Don’t miss this presentation, with a leader in its field who has configured and worked with OMS in a live Data Center environment and can share their thoughts and experience with you!

Well there will do it for our preview posts for MVPDays Virtual Conference,

Cristal, myself, and all the organizers hope you really enjoy you day of learning with the Microsoft MVP Community

See everyone in December for the next round of MVPDays Virtual Conference.

Dave and Cristal