I recently had the chance to work with the Calgary Microsoft User Group and delivered a session titled: An Absolute Beginners Guide to OneDrive for Business. In this session, I helped to level set the technology use cases for OneDrive for Business and showcase some of the new amazing features coming the Sync Client.

I also discussed some of the concerns that modern businesses have when implementing and online service such as OneDrive for business including: Backing up, Restoring, Ransomware (WannaCry & CryptoLocker) and more.

It was a great session and many thanks to the organizers of the CMUG Calgary Microsoft User Group for hosting this great event.

If you didn’t know Microsoft has a new program called MODE (Microsoft OneDrive Experts) and it led by our fearless leader Stephen Rose @StephenlRose.   We currently have 3 members of Interview with an MVP that take part in this program.   Emile Cabot @ecabot, Clint Wyckoff @ClintWyckoff, and Dave Kawula @DaveKawula.

Watch the session and if you have any questions at all please feel free to comment or reach out on social media.

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You can grab the slides from the presentation here:


You can check out the recorded video on Channel 9 here.


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