Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

I was on a call with a customer today that we’ve been supporting for a long time. We help them with their Windows Deployment / Imaging solution, and along these lines, we have setup an extremely thin imaging process. What we wanted was when the next version of Windows 10 comes out, ie. 1803 or 1809. We wanted to be able to update the task sequence with a few simple steps.

Here is what we do when the new version comes out:

Step 1 – Download the new ISO from the Volume Licensing site.

Step 2 – Mount the ISO

Step 3 – Open the MDT Deployment Workbench

Step 4 – Update the Source Images and add the new WIM

Step 5 – Update the Task Sequence with the new WIM – In this case we updated to Windows 10 1809

Here is before:

Here is After:

Step 6 – Update the Deployment Share

Step 7 – Test

That’s it we have now updated the thin imaging process to the new WIM file.

We do this approximately every 6 months to keep the new images current.