Hey Checkyourlogs fans,

Today I was working a case with a customer of mine that had built out a new Hyper-V Cluster using SCVMM. We had the new cluster built with SCVMM and were at a point that we wanted to use Shared Nothing Live Migration between the two clusters to move VM’s. However, we ran into the error below when we first tried.

No Available connection to the selected VM Network can be found.

No Connection to the subnet “External Switch” with sufficient resources could be found.

The fix for this was pretty easy.

Just open the Fabric Pane, Select Port Profiles, Select the Virtual Switch in our case VSW01

Add the Network Site ExternalSwitch_0

Then try again

There that looks a lot better. Now the customer can complete the Shared Nothing Live Migrations between his old cluster and his new one.

Hope this helps your out,