Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

I was working on a case today with a customer that has recently upgraded to Storage Spaces Direct and their replica jobs were failing with “Failed to process replication task Error: The target account name is incorrect. Agent failed to process method {File System Exists}”


In troubleshooting this error, it turns out I had removed one of the repositories when we rebuild the Storage Spaces Direct cluster. On the old cluster, there was a Share that was used for a very old Veeam Job. It turns out this legacy configuration the was gone was throwing this error message. Now, the good news is that it was super easy to fix.


Just right-click on your Replica Job and click Edit, the go to the Job Settings tab. My issue was the Repository for replica metadata: VeeamSR1. This didn’t exist anymore so of course it wasn’t going to work. This is where the replica metadata for the job would be stored.


You can also note that the above screen shot was stuck Querying….


As soon as I changed this to a working Repository all was fixed up and the job ran fine.


I hope this helps you out if you also encounter this issue.