Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today, I just wanted to share with you a super easy way to get detailed information about what is happening inside of your Storage Spaces Direct Clusters.

We are facing an issue with one of our clusters where the “Network is Partitioned” for the Management Network.

We would run a command Get-ClusterLog to generate the cluster.log file and review it for diagnostics. Unfortunately, this generates a rather large file with extra data we don’t need.

For us, if we can reproduce the error message or problem and run the following:

Get-ClusterLog –Node Node2 –TimeSpan 15 -UseLocalTime

This generates a file that is 8MB instead of close to 1 GB.

You can find the cluster.log file in c:\windows\cluster\reports after the above command is run.

We can then view the file using CMTrace.exe from Config Manager.

Hopefully, this will help you troubleshoot your Storage Spaces Direct Cluster the next time you have issues.


John Sr.