Today, one of my clients told me their storage pool ran out of space, he removed 4 x 1TB old drives to install the new 4 x 3.8 TB drives, and then asked me to reconfigure storage pool for him, it looks very easy to change it.

Unfortunately, I tried to remove virtual disks via server management UI, it pops up a error message “Error deleting virtual disk: The storage pool could not complete the operation because its configuration is read-only. Activity ID: {89fe92dc-c713-0017-f082-fe8913c7d501}.

This is easy to fix with PowerShell cmdlet.

Get-StoragePool -FriendlyName "VeeamSP01" | Set-StoragePool -IsReadOnly $false

Get-StoragePool -FriendlyName "VeeamSP01" | Remove-StoragePool

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cary Sun

Twitter: @SifuSun