There are some reasons why your website should invariably have a SSL certificate, e.g. SSL certificates help to ensure your website security, website visitors will see it as a trustworthy Brand, also it will enhance the search engine ranking for your website. Today, I am going to show you how to enable SSL certificate at the website of Azure, let follow the step by step to complete it and make your website better at azure.

  1. Login your account at Azure portal.
  2. On the Azure Services page, select APP Services.

  3. On the App Services page, click your website name.

  4. On the website App Service page, select TLS/SSL settings.

  5. On the TLS/SSL settings page, select Private Key Certificate (.pfx) and then click +Upload Certificate. (here is assume you have purchased SSL certificate and owned the .pfx file already)

  6. On the Upload Private Key Certificate page, select the .pfx file and enter the certificate password and then click Upload.

  7. Double check the certificate health status and make sure it’s healthy. And then select Bindings.

  8. On the Bindings page click +Add TLS/SSL Binding.

  9. On the TLS/SSL bindings page, select the website domain as the Custom domain, and select the new upload certificate thumbprint as the Private Certificate Thumbprint and select SNI SSL as TLS/SSL Type and then click Add Binding.

  10. If you have other custom domains at the same website, please repeat steps to upload SSL certificates and binding them.
  11. On the Protocol Settings page, change HTTPS Only from Off to On.

  12. The SSL certificates help to ensure your website security now.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cary Sun

Twitter: @SifuSun