Today, I ma going to show you how to use task schedule to schedule auto shutdown or reboot server.

1.Login to Server and open Server Manager.

2.On the Server Manager, Click Tools and select Task Schedule.

3.On the Task Schedule, Select Task Schedule Library.

4.Right-click Task Schedule Library, select Create Basic Task.

5.On the Create Basic Task page, type Auto Shutdown in the Name filed, click Next.

6.On the Task Trigger page, select when do you want the Task to start, in my case is One time, click Next.

7.On the One Time page, select the start date and time, click Next.

8.On the Action page, select Start a program, click Next.

9.On the Start a Program page, type C:\Windows\SysWOW64\shutdown in Program/script filed, type -s -t 20 in Add arguments (optional) field, Here -s is for Shutdown, “-t” is for Timing and after that the seconds are given, if you would like to do reboot server not shutdown, you just need to change -s to -r, click Next.

10.On the Summary page, click Finish.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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