In this episode, I catch up with Ruben Spruijt who recently transitioned to Frame as their CTO. I’ve found Ruben to be a thought leader when it comes to the VDI space, and he has the recognition to show for it. Being a Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert and a NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor you can get an idea of the achievements that have made him recognized in many of the technology circles that surround VDI.  

Frame is part of a new breed of VDI solutions in the marketplace that have taken a cloud-first approach. These new solutions offer lower consumption of cloud resources and provide the management plane as a service that requires far less knowledge and effort to operate than compared to traditional approaches to VDI. I find it exciting to see this transformation in the VDI space and as solutions such as Azure Stack emerge customers have more options than just the public cloud to host these next-generation workspaces. 

Sit back and take a few moments to understand what Frame is and how the VDI world is being modernized using cloud technologies.